Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lunchais Genting Trip @ 16/02/2008 - 18/02/2008

Last week, Lunchais went to Genting again to collect some bad debt from Uncle Lim during CNY. We went to Genting since5 years ago? Can't really remember, but it was our yearly trip during CNY lol. This year not a lucky year for me. I forced to pay back to Uncle Lim this year cuz I borrowed from him last year :(. Anyway, this year quite fun due to our in-house game. We spent 3D2N in Genting but we didn't really spend much time in sleeping lol.

There is some minor problem when we were driving up the hill. Yes, you are right, bob's car overheat. Look at our mechanic's reaction lol

Actually, there is some smoke.

GG. Water drops like no tomorrow.

Look at our pro engineer, seems like easy job. PUI!

Pro engineer and his assistant, seems like really no problem. Amazingly, we successfully made our way to car park and the car's temperature nearly reach the red bar, thank god! Thanks for the people, we took 1 hour to get the stupid room key.

Pro Engineer aka Alvin & Bob

This is the most expensive chicken rice I have ever had in my life. RM15 GG!

Our daily drinks.

Look at my face and I assumed you know how much I lost.

GB by them and totally ownage. GG

Night View #1

Night View #2

Morning View #1

Morning View #2

Some lame pose on 2nd day.

At last, I only can say "GOTCHA"! LOL