Friday, 28 December 2007

X'mas Celebration @ 18/12/2007

This afternoon, company celebrated Christmas from 1pm - 4pm at Puchong United Club. As usual, we had the free buffet lunch and exchange gift session. Before that, our boss gave his normal 40 mins ult speech lol.

Me, Jeslyn, Ivy and Johnny

Well, after the celebration still have to go back to work (lepak) zzz. Anyhow, few hours later, we (jimui) had our dinner at Restoran Shabu Shabu - a Japanese Style Steamboat Restaurant. I heard about this restaurant many times from my friends and finally had a chance to taste it.

The restaurant.

The special part of this restaurant is you have your own pot so that you can choose your favorite food and enjoy yourself.

2 lengluis :D

No pork! No pork!

The dishes were moving and routing non-stop on the machine just like sushi from Japanese restaurant. So, saw your target, just stand up and grab it :D

Another shot.

I heard this restaurant has 2 types of eating. 1 was
À la carte which is RM1 per dish and another 1 was set which was what we had chosen. For set, the price is RM25 per person and luckily I ended up with 30++ plates haha. After the dinner, Alan still not satisfied and wished to have 2nd round. We then suggested to have a drink at nearby cafe.

We had our 2nd round at Wings Cafe in Bandar Putri.

Inside look.

We ordered a bucket of Heineken and had some crazy games lol.

Johnny & MingKAI

New member "Bro Jet" & Ivy

Jeslyn & Alan..OMG look at their face lol

Who has the terrible face ??

Singers of the night.

We hang out til 11pm and went back separately. What a tiring and crazy night lol

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Company Trip - Day 2 @ Cameron Highlands @ 11/12/2007

2nd day, we woke up very early and had our breakfast at M floor. After the quick breakfast, it's time to move to Tea Farm.

Took a photo after the breakfast :)

We stopped at Equatorial Hotel and changed to a smaller bus. Maybe long time never been to Tea Farm, but the road is really really narrow and dangerous and almost shocked my ass off. Anyway, it's worth to risk your life to go there due to the fresh air of the farm. It's really beautiful and relax when having a hot tea in a cold and beautiful place.

Some machines inside the factory.

Wah..nice view.

Another shot.

Hou leng ah....

Which 1 most lengzai? lol

After that, we moved to nearby Strawberry Farm. Actually, we free to pick any strawberry in the farm but only for weekend = =.

Close shot of strawberry.

After the visit, we then moved to a chinese restaurant and had our lunch there. After lunch, we took a walk in a flower market and I bought some strawberries and flowers hehe. It's time to go back to office and we reached there around 8pm++. Anyway, this really an enjoyable and unforgettable trip, I really enjoy it.

Company Trip - Day 1 @ Cameron Highlands @ 10/12/2007

Yes, finally the company trip has come. This time was going Sungkai and Cameron Highlands. I still remembered my last visit to Cameron Highlands was ages ago, sometime around in high school. Anyway, this was my 2nd and last company trip in this company cuz I'm going to start my 2nd job on 28th Jan. Well, the feeling is indescribable because all the jimui were joining this trip, thus, we have new jimui member - Bro Jet lol.

We departed from office at 7:45am and stopped at Sungkai for hot/cold spring. The place was nice, peaceful, enjoyable, and relax. Due to the limited time, we only soaked our leg in the hot spring and had some boiled eggs.

Hot spring, Jeslyn and Alan lol

Another hot spring to soak your leg lol

Another hot spring, this stone was used to let people boil they eggs here.

Some dude brought tons of eggs here lol

My am chun dan hehe. Tx to Jeslyn and Ivy :)

Forgot what's the temperature, was it 50 degree? Anyway, I'm cool with it.

After hot spring, we then moved to cold spring. Me & Jeslyn with giant octopus lol.

Another view of cold spring.

With some crazy colleagues lol.

Lame pose lol.


We then reached Cameron Highlands around 2pm++. After checked in at the hotel, we quickly moved to nearby restaurant and had our lunch there. We took a walk at nearby shop and then back to hotel for a nap. Yes, this was our dinner, steamboat at Equatorial Hotel. As usual, boss gave his ultimate 40 mins speech and we quickly moved our hands once he finished his speech lol.

My colleagues.

Can you see the haze? Freaking cold..

New jimui gang.

After dinner, we walked awhile at night market and then start celebrating Ivy and Jet's birthday at 10pm++ in our room. Jet brought his vodka and 20++ of us played some card games. I played until forgot to take photos, it proved that how excited I was at that night. After the noisy and crazy celebration, finally can get a peaceful sleep at 2am++.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ivy's & Uli's Birthday Celebration @ Soon Fatt Restaurant @ 05/12/2007

Since Ivy's birthday and Alan's gf - Uli's birthday also fall in December, we decided to celebrate together at Soon Fatt Restaurant, Sri Petaling. As usual, we told Ivy it's just a normal jimui dinner but actually is her birthday celebration. Seriously, this is my new experience to celebrate birthday at a non-air-conditioned chinese restaurant lol. Due to my crazy hunger, I forgot to take the photos of the dishes. After finished everything only realized I brought the camera lol.

American Chocolate Cake, yummy :D

Alan with 2 birthday girls.


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Hi-Tea @ Grand Seasons Hotel @ 02/12/2007

I nearly forgot my sister gave me a free voucher that either has buffet breakfast or hi-tea at Legend Hotel or Grand Seasons Hotel. After discussed with Joleen, we decided to try the hi-tea at Grand Seasons Hotel after Sunday's mass.

I wasn't really sure the direction to this hotel, therefore we took LRT and reached there about 2pm.

I didn't know how nice is this hotel, maybe 3 star? 4 star? Anyway, it's not really as nice as I expected. It's a bit low class local style zzz.

Didn't take much photos, maybe too hungry lol.

Random shots, a bit blur.

Christmas tree lol.

My sushi XD

Random shots.