Thursday, 3 December 2009

Joleen's Birthday Celebration @ The Ship @ Uptown PJ @ 06/10/2009

What's your favorite restaurant for western food in town? For me, I don't have any specific in mind. I heard a lot of positive comments about The Ship since ages ago. So I decided to celebrate Joleen's birthday in this very restaurant. To be honest, though it's been famous since ages ago, but it's my 1st try LOL..paiseh!

The birthday gal with a happy smile =)..ahh..the white balance/colour is a bit off..

Salad came with the sizzling garlic premium tiger prawns..nothing special..

Sizzling Garlic Premium Tiger Prawns - Specially marinated giant prawns garnished with ginger garlic gravy on a sizzling plate, served with french fries, corn on cob and a bowl of salad. The tiger prawns were fresh, juicy and delicious, you won't stop slurping the sauce once you have tasted it and yes, Joleen finished the sauce :P

Mixed Grill - A combination of chicken, beef, lamb, turkey bacon, sausage and fried egg, served with french fries and vegetables. For a meat lover like me, this is just perfect for me lol. Looks oily but when you tried it, you won't stop eating it. Everything is just fine except the beef, I did order medium-well cook but it just too hard to chew...

Excuse me captain? lol

Joleen asked me to act cute, so I did it lol

Funny pose hahaha..

Birthday gal & me...

Lomo feel...

The Ship is definitely a great place for western food. For me, I still prefer Chilis since I'm a poor guy :(. If your budget allows, there is no regret of trying The Ship =)