Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dinner @ Restaurant Calorie @ 06/12/2008

Joleen and I used to eat McD, KFC, mamak, and normal food stall as dinner. As usual, dinner is always our problem. My cousin Samantha has once told me that this restaurant's coca-cola wings is worth to try. Since I'm a chicken lover, why not give a try?

My 1st time to this restaurant, normal environment, and free WiFi.

My 莺鸯奶茶. Taste nice =)

Hai Nan Mee, 海南面. Basically it just a "dry" yee mee with some "seafood". She said not bad.

Spicy Fried Rice, 嘛辣炒饭. Nothing special, just some chilis and chicken. Quite spicy, but no problem for me.

The chicken is soft but the rice is too much, I almost can't finish it.

The main dish, coca-cola wings.

Seriously, this is my 1st time eating this so call coca-cola wings. RM 9.90 for 3 wings = =. It tastes good to me, but I brought 1 home and my mom said not so nice.

The name of the restaurant is called Calorie, does it mean the restaurant has a lot of calorie food? Anyway, someday I shall come back for other varieties.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Dinner @ Kaki Corner @ 29/11/2008

It's been a long time that I haven't stepped in to Kaki Corner, not for foot massage, but western food. At first, Joleen and I were supposed to eat at the nearby hawker stall. But out of the sudden, I felt like eating western cuisine and forced Joleen to go with me. So here we go =)

Don't misunderstand, I didn't order this lol. Just Kaki Corner's tomato and chili sauce.

Joleen ordered this, can't really remember what that is. Not barley ice nor milk, what else could it be?

Weee...my Sizzling Sirloin Steak...medium cooked

Most of the time I ordered either chicken chop or lamb chop, but this time I gave myself a try on this sirloin steak. But the story taught me that, "Good things not cheap, cheap things not good" =(

Well, I said medium cooked, but seemed like it was harder than a rock. Highly NOT recommend!

At least a simple White Sauce Chicken Chop beat a so-called Sizzling Sirloin Steak's ass..What can I say?

MingKAI & Joleen ^^

Kaki Corner is located @ Cheras. I would say the one that located @ SS3 and Desa Petaling is much better than this, what do you think?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Wosip's Birthday Celebration @ Tony Roma's Mid Valley @ 28/11/2008

After the celebration of my birthday, it's Wosip's turn in November. Wosip (or Alvin?) decided to try at Tony Roma's. I still remembered my 1st visit to Tony Roma's at CineLeisure. I ordered a lamb chop which is the only one available in Tony Roma's. Anyway, it doesn't taste as good as Chilis. As far as I know, Chilis is cheaper, super big portion, and taste better =)

As usual, Bobby and I arrived on time. Bobby was feeling thirsty so we quickly ordered our drinks 1st.

My ice lemon tea still full.

But Bobby has finished his Coke and ready for refill zzz

Friday's nite, the place was quite crowded.

See, I'm not lying.


Finally, the 2 late comers have arrived. Time to order, can I order ribs?

Watcha looking at dude?

Finally the food has come. Birthday boy no need pose so lc ok?

This was the one that Alvin and Wosip ordered at that night. Sirloin Cheddar Grill.

Compare to real 1 lol, Wosip said he can't finish it! WTF?

Bobby ordered a Cheese Burger.

Damn, I should name it Bacon Burger. Though it was full of bacon and "cheese", but Bobby said the cheese tasted like shits. The original cheese! lol

I myself ordered a medium-well Bleu Cheese Burger. But the cheese is not as shit as Bobby's lol. Delicious =)

Look at the plate..WoW..

The next time I see you must order ribs! I promise!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

MingKAI's Birthday Celebration - Lunchai's Treat @ Restaurant Chan Yew Kei @ 19/11/2008

As we followed the plan, we should go to Restaurant Wah Tian again. On that day, Bobby and I arrived at the restaurant earlier than the other 2 fellas as usual. However, the restaurant has been fully reserved by a couple for wedding dinner, I supposed. Since we had no choice and the time was short, we quickly moved to another restaurant which is just few steps away.

We settled down and ordered the tea from the waitress(captain?). We told her that we were still waiting for 2 friends and just wanted to order the tea 1st, but that biatch gave us a impatient and lclcy face. Damn, I should have snapped her lcly face. Anyway, Bobby said he's very hungry and ordered the satay. So here is the 1st dish.

Satay. Normal taste.

Ketupat..so big zzz

After the 2 fellas arrived, we ordered few of the dishes. What do you call this?

Seremban Egg, not bad =)

Salad Shrimps. Are salad shrimps suppose to look like this?

Vege, whatever you name it, it sucks!

Main course #1 - Salt Egg Crab. Not bad, I like this.

Main course #2 - Black Pepper Crab. I would say this sucks, the black pepper is too heavy but still eatable.

Look how much I ate :P

90's typical nerd look lol

Bobby's cute look #1

Bobby's cute look #2 lol

Wosip, must be staring at chicks la!

Had a argument with Wosip during the dinner lol.

Wosip: It's kilobit per second la.
MingKAI: You noob, fuck you! It's kilobyte per second!

Conclusion: Lousy restaurant, lousy and lcly waitress, lousy food, salad shrimps do not look like salad shrimps, that vege does not taste what it supposes to taste. The only eatable dish is the Seremban Egg LOL, what do ya think?

Friday, 21 November 2008

BBQ & Mabuk Session @ Alvin's House @ 07/11/2008

2 weeks ago, 1 of the lunchai - Alvin has organized a BBQ + Mabuk Session at his house. If not mistaken, is this our 1st BBQ party? As I remembered, we had the steamboat party @ 2004 and DoTA LAN party @ 2005 lol

It's really lol when you look back the old photos.

Yummy..our 1st steamboat party??

Sushi some more...

Steamboat party 2004 weeeeee

DoTA LAN Party @ 2005 lol

Look at DD, see how serious he is, must be watching porn la!

Whose head is that? lol

Believe me, when I saw these photos, it brought me back to the past and lol. How insane are we? Purposely carry the whole set of PC to DD's house and play DoTA? Man, I can't stop laughing, whose idea was that?

Any party between 2006-2007? Can't really remember. 2008, Alvin organized this BBQ + Mabuk session. Indeed, we had another wonderful night ^^

Cheese sausages & squid ball

Alvin's secret recipe lamb chop

Thanks for the serving Alvin lol

Yummy..chicken wings & lamb chop! My favorites!

Chicken wings, do they contain your secret recipe too Alvin?

I said Thanks only, but don't need purposely to cook til burnt ok?

Alvin's oldest dog - Cleo

After BBQ, it's mabuk time!

Lost too much in the game, sei lunchai!

30 mins later. KO #1

KO #2 ...Why so fast???

Cuz GG by this =)