Sunday, 30 November 2008

MingKAI's Birthday Celebration - Lunchai's Treat @ Restaurant Chan Yew Kei @ 19/11/2008

As we followed the plan, we should go to Restaurant Wah Tian again. On that day, Bobby and I arrived at the restaurant earlier than the other 2 fellas as usual. However, the restaurant has been fully reserved by a couple for wedding dinner, I supposed. Since we had no choice and the time was short, we quickly moved to another restaurant which is just few steps away.

We settled down and ordered the tea from the waitress(captain?). We told her that we were still waiting for 2 friends and just wanted to order the tea 1st, but that biatch gave us a impatient and lclcy face. Damn, I should have snapped her lcly face. Anyway, Bobby said he's very hungry and ordered the satay. So here is the 1st dish.

Satay. Normal taste. big zzz

After the 2 fellas arrived, we ordered few of the dishes. What do you call this?

Seremban Egg, not bad =)

Salad Shrimps. Are salad shrimps suppose to look like this?

Vege, whatever you name it, it sucks!

Main course #1 - Salt Egg Crab. Not bad, I like this.

Main course #2 - Black Pepper Crab. I would say this sucks, the black pepper is too heavy but still eatable.

Look how much I ate :P

90's typical nerd look lol

Bobby's cute look #1

Bobby's cute look #2 lol

Wosip, must be staring at chicks la!

Had a argument with Wosip during the dinner lol.

Wosip: It's kilobit per second la.
MingKAI: You noob, fuck you! It's kilobyte per second!

Conclusion: Lousy restaurant, lousy and lcly waitress, lousy food, salad shrimps do not look like salad shrimps, that vege does not taste what it supposes to taste. The only eatable dish is the Seremban Egg LOL, what do ya think?


Anonymous said...

nice.. the satay hantu.. COOL!

MingKAI said...

hahaha..cute boy

bobby said...

Seremban Egg is FU YONG egg? u sure?