Friday, 21 November 2008

BBQ & Mabuk Session @ Alvin's House @ 07/11/2008

2 weeks ago, 1 of the lunchai - Alvin has organized a BBQ + Mabuk Session at his house. If not mistaken, is this our 1st BBQ party? As I remembered, we had the steamboat party @ 2004 and DoTA LAN party @ 2005 lol

It's really lol when you look back the old photos.

Yummy..our 1st steamboat party??

Sushi some more...

Steamboat party 2004 weeeeee

DoTA LAN Party @ 2005 lol

Look at DD, see how serious he is, must be watching porn la!

Whose head is that? lol

Believe me, when I saw these photos, it brought me back to the past and lol. How insane are we? Purposely carry the whole set of PC to DD's house and play DoTA? Man, I can't stop laughing, whose idea was that?

Any party between 2006-2007? Can't really remember. 2008, Alvin organized this BBQ + Mabuk session. Indeed, we had another wonderful night ^^

Cheese sausages & squid ball

Alvin's secret recipe lamb chop

Thanks for the serving Alvin lol

Yummy..chicken wings & lamb chop! My favorites!

Chicken wings, do they contain your secret recipe too Alvin?

I said Thanks only, but don't need purposely to cook til burnt ok?

Alvin's oldest dog - Cleo

After BBQ, it's mabuk time!

Lost too much in the game, sei lunchai!

30 mins later. KO #1

KO #2 ...Why so fast???

Cuz GG by this =)


dumb-baker said...

Oh my god...u transformed a lot from Pic 4 to Pic 'fuk hei' oledi

MingKAI said...

lmao..just say im gaining weight la i?

blindman said...

u r.. u tot we all blind meh.. ahhahaaa..