Sunday, 20 January 2008

MingKAI's Farewell @ Restaurant Soon Fatt & Secret Recipe @ 17/01/2008

Finally, my farewell has come. Monday (21/01/2007) is my last day for my current company Perunding Eagles Engineers Sdn Bhd. I joined this company since 07/11/2005 as a System Engineer. After 1 year, I promoted to become Head of IT, actually it's not much difference, just more free time lol. This is my 1st job in my career, can I say it very memorable? do I feel about leaving the company? Happy & sad. Happy because I get better offer and hopefully can get myself busy in the new company. Sad because leaving my jimuis and other belove colleagues, but I guess we still will go out yam cha sometime right? Ok, cut the craps, we celebrated the farewell @ Restaurant Soon Fatt again, cuz near my house??

Last day in server room? No la, I think Monday will enter again lol.

My ex-colleague - Kevin and I. Thanks for joining lol.

Sam & Johnny

KBK & John

2 sisters.

Lee Cheng & Chen

Due to the hunger of us, we continued our 2nd round at Secret Recipe lol. Jimui without Alan. Alan can't attend the farewell cuz he went to Singapore :(

1st half.

2nd half.

Kevin, Jeslyn & KAI

At last, I thank you everyone for attending the farewell. It's not really much people but actually I also preferred less people lol. Special thanks to Jeslyn for organizing the farewell =). Wish all of you do the best in the future :)

BBQ @ Jet's House @ 09/01/2008

We just had a BBQ not long ago at Johnny's house. But this time, we had again at Jet's house. We departed after finished our work and during the way to Jet's house, we had a hard time to find his house because we never been to his house. I still remembered that day was raining and very suitable for BBQ.

Spaghetti prepared by Jeslyn.

Fruits prepared by Ivy

Fire setup by John and Sam.

Some foods.

Absolut Vodka provided by Jet.

Sam, Jeslyn, and Ivy. Thanks for the chicken wings ya =)

Chicken wings. Wah, you all treated so nice lol.

Johnny's shirt. LAH!

Jeslyn, KAI, Johnny, and John. Who was John staring at??


After. Ya, I knew it's quite early for lou sang. But it's hard to gather all the people :D

At last, I wished to thank all the people who organized this wonderful BBQ.

Organizer - Jeslyn
Food bought by - Ivy & Jeslyn
Food prepared by - everyone ??
House - Jet
Firemen - Sam & John ??
Cleaner - Jeslyn, Ivy, Alan ??

Monday, 7 January 2008

2007 Memories / 2008 Wishes

2007 has just gone. As I remembered, I have done something that are unexpected and I wish I can achieve something in 2008. Below are my 2007 review and 2008 wishes :).

2007 Memories

1 Just got a new job in December 2007 and going to start very soon muahaha.

Went to Pulau Redang & Pulau Perhentian for my 1st time with my friends ^^

1st time step out of Malaysia without family..paiseh..yeah, went to Singapore with Joleen and most importantly, I watched Linkin Park LIVE again woohoo!!

4 Pudge - The Butcher, my favorite hero in Dota, I think most of my clanmates know about it. Yes, I'm still using him everyday lol.


Met some clanmates and we play dota almost every night.
a) Alexallied
b) Aced
c) Kelvinwong
d) Xiagohh
e) -Yinyuen-
f) Ben19th
g) K2-vocal

6 Bought a camera for myself - Panasonic Lumix FX-10 - cheap and nice :)

7 Bought a LCD for myself - Samsung SyncMaster 940BW - cheap and nice too ^^

8 Relocate my bed, cupboard, table of my room (Fengshui) lol

2008 Wishes

1 Wish can learn and earn more in this coming new job ^^


I wish this year can travel to Phuket Island / Thailand / Hong Kong but still dreaming.

3 Last but not least, I wish everything like health, relationship, $$$, work, are fine and have a better year :)

Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Year Countdown @ The Curve @ 31/12/2007

Last day of the year - new year eve, what do we do? As usual, Joleen and I went to The Curve and waited for countdown and fireworks.

Thanks to the heavy traffic and finally we managed to park our car at the LDP roadside lol.

Look at the crowd man, but I think KLCC and Bukit Bintang more pack compare to other places.

I think next year should book a room instead of fighting for nice spot with people.

We managed to find a nice spot outside the Ikano, but still a lot of people.

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #2

Fireworks #3 - lol so a pair of eyes and a mouth.

Fireworks #4

Fireworks #5 - quite cool.

Fireworks #6

Fireworks #7

I recorded the whole fireworks session, this is the part 1.

Part 2

Extra photo I took from a home lol.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dinner @ Restaurant Shogun @ Sunway Pyramid 2 @ 22/12/2007

Recently, Sunway Pyramid 2 has just opened another Shogun, a Japanese buffet restaurant. Luckily, my family is invited again by the owner because my father is the supplier of the table. Without second thought, I went to the free dinner lol. That day actually was supplier day which is only opened for suppliers and friends and yes, the 1st time was in 1 Utama.

The restaurant

Don't know is new item or what, 1st time eat in Shogun.

My 1st plate, some sushis.

My 2nd plate.

Eh..what's this??


Some sushis.

Curry crab??

Baby octopus lol.

Vege for Teppanyaki.

Teppanyaki sifu acting PRO.


Well, I heard a lot of bad comments from friends about the food. For Japanese buffet restaurant, I only tried Ichiban and Shogun. I wish to try Jogoya but too expensive for me, maybe some other time lol. Shogun only cost RM50++ per head, I think a lot of people already tried ,am I right??