Sunday, 20 January 2008

MingKAI's Farewell @ Restaurant Soon Fatt & Secret Recipe @ 17/01/2008

Finally, my farewell has come. Monday (21/01/2007) is my last day for my current company Perunding Eagles Engineers Sdn Bhd. I joined this company since 07/11/2005 as a System Engineer. After 1 year, I promoted to become Head of IT, actually it's not much difference, just more free time lol. This is my 1st job in my career, can I say it very memorable? do I feel about leaving the company? Happy & sad. Happy because I get better offer and hopefully can get myself busy in the new company. Sad because leaving my jimuis and other belove colleagues, but I guess we still will go out yam cha sometime right? Ok, cut the craps, we celebrated the farewell @ Restaurant Soon Fatt again, cuz near my house??

Last day in server room? No la, I think Monday will enter again lol.

My ex-colleague - Kevin and I. Thanks for joining lol.

Sam & Johnny

KBK & John

2 sisters.

Lee Cheng & Chen

Due to the hunger of us, we continued our 2nd round at Secret Recipe lol. Jimui without Alan. Alan can't attend the farewell cuz he went to Singapore :(

1st half.

2nd half.

Kevin, Jeslyn & KAI

At last, I thank you everyone for attending the farewell. It's not really much people but actually I also preferred less people lol. Special thanks to Jeslyn for organizing the farewell =). Wish all of you do the best in the future :)


ji mui said...

dunno what should i say... sad sad sad.. 2day is ur last day in PEESB.. so i wish u all the best in ur future undertakings.. i think this word 'sien' will not appeared in my skype ady.. hahaha.. anyway, keep in touch..

MingKAI said...

hehe.tx again. Well, I wish you all do your best in the future too. No worries, we're gonna meet quite often =)

Kevin Khong said...

Dude, hows life in new company? should be darn busy with your new life right? i believe sooner or later you will know how it feels when working in big company and finally understand that why people says, you see me good, i see you good lo... =) well, sometimes just keep the stress aside, continue to make our life colourful and full with challenges.. cheers and good luck.