Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dinner @ Restaurant Shogun @ Sunway Pyramid 2 @ 22/12/2007

Recently, Sunway Pyramid 2 has just opened another Shogun, a Japanese buffet restaurant. Luckily, my family is invited again by the owner because my father is the supplier of the table. Without second thought, I went to the free dinner lol. That day actually was supplier day which is only opened for suppliers and friends and yes, the 1st time was in 1 Utama.

The restaurant

Don't know is new item or what, 1st time eat in Shogun.

My 1st plate, some sushis.

My 2nd plate.

Eh..what's this??


Some sushis.

Curry crab??

Baby octopus lol.

Vege for Teppanyaki.

Teppanyaki sifu acting PRO.


Well, I heard a lot of bad comments from friends about the food. For Japanese buffet restaurant, I only tried Ichiban and Shogun. I wish to try Jogoya but too expensive for me, maybe some other time lol. Shogun only cost RM50++ per head, I think a lot of people already tried ,am I right??


GW said...

Well, what was your impression of the food quality? RM50 is a lot for below average food quality.

masjuliana ~masjuju~ said...

googling for shogun. thanks for info.