Monday, 7 January 2008

2007 Memories / 2008 Wishes

2007 has just gone. As I remembered, I have done something that are unexpected and I wish I can achieve something in 2008. Below are my 2007 review and 2008 wishes :).

2007 Memories

1 Just got a new job in December 2007 and going to start very soon muahaha.

Went to Pulau Redang & Pulau Perhentian for my 1st time with my friends ^^

1st time step out of Malaysia without family..paiseh..yeah, went to Singapore with Joleen and most importantly, I watched Linkin Park LIVE again woohoo!!

4 Pudge - The Butcher, my favorite hero in Dota, I think most of my clanmates know about it. Yes, I'm still using him everyday lol.


Met some clanmates and we play dota almost every night.
a) Alexallied
b) Aced
c) Kelvinwong
d) Xiagohh
e) -Yinyuen-
f) Ben19th
g) K2-vocal

6 Bought a camera for myself - Panasonic Lumix FX-10 - cheap and nice :)

7 Bought a LCD for myself - Samsung SyncMaster 940BW - cheap and nice too ^^

8 Relocate my bed, cupboard, table of my room (Fengshui) lol

2008 Wishes

1 Wish can learn and earn more in this coming new job ^^


I wish this year can travel to Phuket Island / Thailand / Hong Kong but still dreaming.

3 Last but not least, I wish everything like health, relationship, $$$, work, are fine and have a better year :)


ji mui said...

hihi... good planning wo... yeap, 2007 really brought alot of nice n sad memories... anyway, wish u all the best in ur future undertakings... keep in touch (",)

MingKAI said...

lol..ty ty..yeah..hope this year would be better year..when wanna go HK? lol

ji mui said...

hk?? waiting u to organise leh.. hehe... maybe i'll go on aug'08... not sure yet... :P

Alex Allied said...

don't forget, be less of a dota noob, too!

MingKAI said...

jimui: wait $$ come in 1st haha.

alexallied: I will try my best XD