Saturday, 9 January 2010

KSP Night & Mabuk Session @ Nikko Hotel & Luna Bar @ 09/09/2009

This was my 1st dinner since I joined PwC. It's not the firm's annual dinner, it was a casual dinner plus performance that organized by the sport club. Seriously, I really thought it should had awesome performance and the food should be not bad, but I guessed I was wrong. Not all hotels provided nice food, some were worse than normal restaurants!

I guessed we reached there quite early.

The menu, it seemed like plenty of delicious food were waiting for us :D

Looked like night club? But seriously, if you asked me to enjoy this, I rather go home read Doraemon comic books lol.

Can't remember what this was, some fish or chicken inside..SUX!

Group of lengluis and a funny dude?

No joke, my mom's fried rice was much better than this zzz...

What's that? Magic performance? lol

Dinner was over, but seemed like everybody wanted to get drunk :D

Eh..lenglui anyone? After dinner, some of the girls suggested to have another mabuk session at Luna Bar. Luna Bar was one of the place that I wished to go long time ago. I heard it had a pool inside the bar, and it was located on the rooftop of the building, a nice spot to see KL view. Without thinking twice, why not?

It's weird, I remembered that night was Friday night, but the place was not really crowded. Anyway, we still can't get the side tables which was abled to see KL view :(

Watcha waiting for? Yammmmmmmmmmsengggggggggggg!

Hihi, where's my glass?

Moment later, we finally grabbed a side seats =)


Saw that girl was holding the dude? She was drunk LOL

KL tower was just next to me hehe. I've never been to KL tower in my noob life, I'm gonna go up some other time!

I was kinda impressed of myself, I wasn't fully drunk yet, but hell I can handhold 20 secs to shoot this :D

I wasn't drunk I wasn't drunk I wasn't drunk. I just dancing with Stanley lol

Joleen and her another side haha. Ya, the side tables only cover by 1-2 inch glass, if you break the glass, you will fly like superman.

Hihi, are you still awake?

Obviously, we had fun =)

Another crazy night I had, definitely will visit Luna Bar again =)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lebon's Birthday Celebration @ Restoran Hakka Village @ 27/09/2009

I knew I should blog this long time ago, but somehow I forgot it. I didn't know why, this was one of the funniest day I had back in 2009 :D. The birthday boy - Bobby has decided to try the foods @ Hakka Village @ Sri Kembangan. So, as usual, I was the earliest person who arrived.

Followed by Wosip and these 3 lunchais..

By the time they arrived, we starved like hungry ghosts. So our boss Bobby has ordered as many food as possible to shut our mouths :D. 1st dish, mushroom with taufu? Can't really remember..

Steam chicken, I remember this, the meat and skin were damn smooth..

Forgive me the noob shot, it was not close enough. This was curry chicken with buns, dip the buns with curry, fantastic mix =)

Vege..nothing special..healthy?

Squids..kinda juicy and spicy..

Clay Pot Chicken Rice without chicken??

Forgot what flavor of this crab was..look at the giant craws lol..

How can we tasted crabs without ordering shrimps?

Who didn't starve when you saw a table of food? :D

DD was not happy when people photographed him without permission lol..

After the dinner, we had no better activity, drinking session. Look at how happy the birthday boy was.

Yeah..let's the game began..

Now who's the lucky winner? XD

Few games later, this was what happened. DD was blurred and showed me his thumbs up.

Wosip said "Peace, I'm the winner"

Bob fantasizing that he was one of the X-men, perhaps Wolverine?

Alvin had a few yawns...

And then ended up lying on the floor, tapping the floor and laughing non-stop LOL

How about me, the camera man? Pawned by the rest, GG-ed! Happy Birthday BOBBY!