Monday, 23 February 2009

Lunchai 1st Gathering During CNY @ 28/01/2009

During CNY, I spent most of the time with lunchai. Since this year DD came back Malaysia for 1 week++, he finally dig out some time for us lol. In 1st gathering, we thought of having seafood @ Restoran Wah Tian. But the captain surprised by telling us there is no seafood during CNY. WTF? People purposely wanted to eat seafood @ Seafood Restaurant but he told us no seafood = ="

The "real" Lala - DD & Bob a.k.a Lebon

And the "fake" Lala, looks like only shells. Just normal taste.

MingKAI punya kai. Obviously it's steam chicken. I rarely eat chicken in Chinese restaurant, if not mistaken that day we really out of choices.

Vege, served with pork, squid,and prawn. Again, this one is okay. Ever tried some vege which is tasteless at all?

Erm..though it's normal pork mince tofu, I felt this is the best dish of that night lol

Prawn of the day, as I said, that day was really out of choices.

In 30 mins, we sapu everything on the table. It's been a long time that we didn't eat together in the same table, but still left out 1 lunchai Zz...

After dinner, it's time for our game, what cards were you holding dude?

Lebon thought he's sure win haha.

The funny thing is, Alvin came and Wosip left, WTF?

German beer from DD's house, though Germany is famous of beer, but I don't really like the taste. Heineken tastes better =)

After some games, here it goes, KO #1 - Lebon

KO #2 - Alvin, KO til didn't know what he's thinking there??

KO #3 - DD, officially pawned by MingKAI haha. Anyway, this was our 1st gathering dusing CNY, had fun enough =)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ooops! They Did It Again!!

Right the day after my previous post, Screamyx did it again =). This happened roughly from 6:30pm til 9:30pm. I was online MSN chatting with Lebon, he asked me whether I can access facebook and yahoo. So I did a test and ended up I can't access some of the local and international websites like,,,, and so on.

Local website like also inaccessible, what can I say more?

Timed out til tomorrow lol

Facebook also timeout zzzzz

Ping til TTL expired weeeeeee...

The strange thing is, I asked some of the friends from MSN tested for me, but ended up with the same result, of course, they use Screamyx as well. Called the hotline but what I got is engage tone, perhaps it's too hot! Obviously that is their problems. So I tried my luck and visit their homepage. BINGO! No announcement has been made! What can I say more? Their style! BOLEH!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Bolehness of Most Fastest "Broadband" in Bolehland - Screamyx

Ever wonder why your Internet so slow? Especially when surfing international sites using Screamyx? Well, I can't even get the answer from the helpdesk. 1 person has this problem, maybe you can blame the server site. But when 1 or more than 10 persons have the same problems, don't tell me this is coincidence.

This is their style, they will never tell you the problems, solutions, and even added some stupid policy without notifying you. Back to this international link problem, it happened since last year Sept if my memory served me right. Before Sept, the IP get from Screamyx is always 60.x.x.x, 218.x.x.x, 219.x.x.x, 202.x.x.x, 124.x.x.x. After Sept, my nightmare has begun. My router disconnected and reconnected automatically. When I checked my IP, I was shocked that I got a new superb IP - 115.x.x.x and 118.x.x.x. Started from that day, most of the time you can't escape from these 2 range of IP. And the power of getting these 2 IP have shown as below...

See how frequent the packet loss?

Wee.....the power of 115 and 118...


Even a famous site like Yahoo lol

Solution: Connect and disconnect and connect til you get the best IP of your area. The best IP of my area is 60.58.x.x. But the chances of getting this IP in my area same as aiming Jackpot in the casino.

Ever since this problem started, I have no chance to connect to my previous decent IP like 218.x.x.x and 219.x.x.x. I believe they dropped these 2 IP and bought the new sucky 115.x.x.x and 118.x.x.x IP. Another problem that happened to me is, whenever it is going to rain or having a small lightning, my router will auto disconnected...weee...amazing?

Called the helpdesk and reported millions times, then only they will assign a so called Technician to go to your house. And yes, I wasted a half day leave just to wait for this techinian came over. Coincidently, that day was raining when the technician came over. He told me that the problem (dc when raining) is already been resolved. I asked him back "Betul kah?? I show him my modem status "Disconnected". He told me that the router only will dc when having lightning because of power failure from the DSLAM. It will auto-reconnect few mins later, that is why you getting connect->dc-connect->dc when raining. He told me that this problem is memang macam

1st - You need to pray hard to keep trying disconnect/reconnect to get the nice IP. That IP may last you for few days..BUT
2nd - Today you may get that decent IP, tomorrow it might rain :D..funny?

Try so hard to get a nice IP, but 1 small lightning will make you dc :D. Since this cannot be fixed, forget it, I asked him about the IP range thing. Why I get the IP 115 and 118 so often but only 1% of getting IP 60? I request to get back the old IP range which is 219 and 218. He told me he knew nothing about this networking thing and he told me he will report to another team called "special team" which is very strong in networking. They might able to help me "lol" There you go, I waited that call since Nov til now but heard nothing :D

Don't know what to say anymore..You blocked P2P cuz of insufficient bandwidth? Well, I didn't see any improvement since you blocked P2P back from 2005. The line is faster? I don't think so. The line is more stable? I don't think so. Pay you every month and pray for getting nice iP just to have a stable line? Thank you very much, BOLEH! Malaysia BOLEH!