Monday, 23 February 2009

Lunchai 1st Gathering During CNY @ 28/01/2009

During CNY, I spent most of the time with lunchai. Since this year DD came back Malaysia for 1 week++, he finally dig out some time for us lol. In 1st gathering, we thought of having seafood @ Restoran Wah Tian. But the captain surprised by telling us there is no seafood during CNY. WTF? People purposely wanted to eat seafood @ Seafood Restaurant but he told us no seafood = ="

The "real" Lala - DD & Bob a.k.a Lebon

And the "fake" Lala, looks like only shells. Just normal taste.

MingKAI punya kai. Obviously it's steam chicken. I rarely eat chicken in Chinese restaurant, if not mistaken that day we really out of choices.

Vege, served with pork, squid,and prawn. Again, this one is okay. Ever tried some vege which is tasteless at all?

Erm..though it's normal pork mince tofu, I felt this is the best dish of that night lol

Prawn of the day, as I said, that day was really out of choices.

In 30 mins, we sapu everything on the table. It's been a long time that we didn't eat together in the same table, but still left out 1 lunchai Zz...

After dinner, it's time for our game, what cards were you holding dude?

Lebon thought he's sure win haha.

The funny thing is, Alvin came and Wosip left, WTF?

German beer from DD's house, though Germany is famous of beer, but I don't really like the taste. Heineken tastes better =)

After some games, here it goes, KO #1 - Lebon

KO #2 - Alvin, KO til didn't know what he's thinking there??

KO #3 - DD, officially pawned by MingKAI haha. Anyway, this was our 1st gathering dusing CNY, had fun enough =)

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