Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lunchai 2nd Gathering During CNY @ 29/01/2009

During CNY, there are only few things people will do, shopping, go to cinema, Sing-K, and what else? This year, DD came back longer than previous years, and had more "free" time for lunchai. So I suggested Lebon that we should have a dinner since we only meet once in a while. In the end, we decided to go Karaoke and had some fun =)

So here we are, buffet dinner @ Neway Puchong, my 1st plate lol..yummy..

2nd plate - Beef Teppanyaki, chef didn't allow to mix with chicken zzz

When the time we arrived, I hungry til beh tahan. So I chose to finish all the food then only start my singing ^^

Got mix fruit some more, but the price 9 9 T.T

Watcha looking at??

Dude, what happened to your fingers?

Both of them dulan me cuz I kept selecting the old songs haha, I mean really old songs like Beyond, Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, etc. They said "Dude, 21st century already la, niama still open classic song concert meh?" lol

5 hours later, DD pawned by karaoke! What the hell???

After a short nap, we forced to wake DD up haha. Another wonderful night by 2 lunchai =)

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