Monday, 23 March 2009

Lunchai Genting Trip @ 08/02/2009 - 10/02/2009 - Day 3

Last day of the trip, all of us GG til unable to wake up. But still, we forced ourself to wake up due to the breakfast was going to end at 10:30am haha.

We reached there around 9:30am, you can see many aunties, uncles, kids, families. But only 1 thing is never changed, the food lol. I assume everyday is the same?

Beans, mee, eggs, hams, breads, nasi lemak, milk, tea, orange juice...etc...every thing is the same..


Lebon has queued like 15 mins for this Loh Bak Gou (罗白糕). Looks delicious and tempting right? But after the 1st bite, you won't feel like eating it anymore lol

Lebon and the fengsui statue of the restaurant.

Before we checked-out, time for last round haha..

Erm..1 carton of Heineken..24/4 = 6..Alvin said he's quite surprise that we had finished it haha..

Time to go back..but these 3 ah bek still wanna act cute..

Lebon said he wanna take this gold back..

But Alvin said he wanna take the "Genting" instead lol..


Good bye Genting, will come back next year =)

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