Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lunchai 4th Gathering During CNY @ 05/02/2009

Today, one of my DoTA teammate "Daniel" has met up with me and Lebon. Since this was the last day that he stayed in KL, we decided to go yumcha. Honestly, this was my 1st time to meet a male online friend lol. MM I met a lot, but dude is 1st time = =" Well, he looks like a kid but not that kind of typical lcly immature kid haha. He can talked a lot and heard he wanted to buy DSLR soon, damn jealous T.T

[pui]lasenza, [pui]bobbyD, & [pui]MingKAI <-----beh song? find us @ Ucpro @ channel "pui" every 9pm!

Thanks to your cousin for holding the camera for us lol. Heard you might joining IMU soon, then we can go yumcha more frequent ^^ After the short mamak session, Lebon and I headed to another destination for another purpose - "open table @ Wosip's house". But before that, that day also was a big day for Alvin's gf - Ai Leng's birthday. So we went to Secret Recipe to buy birthday cake right before the shop closed. We then flied to Wosip's house and secretly hide the cake in the refrigerator. But 1 of the noob has exposed the surprised and Ai Leng knew about that. But we don't care la, 5-4-3-2-1, off the light...dala...

Happy Birthday to you!

Perhaps make a wish? And what did u wish?

Dude, where's your eyes?

Honestly, very seldom take group photos! Should take more in the future!

Right before we were about to leave, this bastard showed us his "Royal Flush" fake! lol

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