Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Lunchai 3rd Gathering During CNY @ 02/02/2009

There was one night, I told DD that I already watched the "Red Cliff 1", so we can watch the "Red Cliff 2" anytime. On that night, Lebon suggested us to watch it @ Alamanda Shopping Centre @ Putrajaya because he said the highway is congested-free and we can just walked-in and buy without booking. Well, it's kinda true. After the movie, I suggested to take photo @ Putrajaya bridge. I brought the camera cuz I thought we should go to the bridge since we headed to Putrajaya. When I think and think again, when was the last time I was in the photo with DD? Honestly, I can't remember = ="

"Lala" & the bridge...

Lebon & the bridge...

Lunchai & the bridge...

Linda, DD, & Lebon

KAI, DD, & Lebon

This was the bridge that we went.

This was the bridge that we wanted to go, but unfortunately the light was off.

Lame pose #1

Lame pose #2

Lame pose #3

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