Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Different Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day?

What will couples usually do on Valentine's Day? Went to cinema for movies? Spend a whole day at some unforgettable places? Candle light dinner in some 5 star high class hotels? But being a kiamsiap noob like me, I can't afford to buy an expensive candle light dinner for her. So again, we decided to cook it again. Though it was not as tasty as Chili's, TGIF, etc, but I guessed we had a wonderful day? Fighting in the kitchen? lol

The "boss" of the day, lamb shoulder bought from Carrefour. Anyone can advice me where and what to buy is fresher and nicer? Carrefour or Tesco? Lamb shoulder or lamb leg?

Marinated with this HP sauce and thousand island for salad.

Marinated it before the day..

Side dish of the day - French Frieds

Soup of the day - Mushroom Soup

Dessert of the day - Toblerone Chocolate

Golden brown frieds..frying really needed patience..zz

Hem...looks not so bad..hehe..

Chef of the day - MingKAI

Joleen in-charged of the soup.

Thumb's up..means the soup is drinkable :P ?

Love shape salad + thousand island = perfect :D

Who said MingKAI can't cook? You dare me?

Joleen double thumb's up ^^ . Can't wait to finish it hehe...

A very simple but creative and nice couple T-shirt ^^

P/S: Not sure is whether the lamb's quality or my noob skill, it didn't taste like what we used to eat at the restaurant haha. The meat is harder than usual and really hard to cut. Overall I quite satisfied everything except the lamb chop..sigh..gambateh!

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