Friday, 20 March 2009

Lunchai Genting Trip @ 08/02/2009 - 10/02/2009 - Day 1

Every CNY, lunchai will go up to Genting to find Uncle Lim. Though we went up every year, but myself never felt boring at all. Bring some food, bring some beer, go up there, collect debts, enjoy the weather, Hehehaha in the room, relax, forget the stress that we used to have it in office, and etc are the things we did every year in Genting. But this year had some changes, I was one of the driver lol. Believe it or not, this was my first time driving up the hill. Thank God Lebon bought his insurance and very patient, cuz I drove very slow haha.

We dropped by Petronas near Tesco MRR2 to get icecube.

Then bought some rubbish from Tesco. Ready for party...

MingKAI on the road lol...

On the way of going up, this BMW keep following my back and very impatient. After awhile, he lost his patience and accelerated max til way up. Must be some moron who can't wait to lose..

Yeah..Saturday, this is what you get when you reach the top...

Unfortunately, there is another moron who keep blowing the muffle and cut my queue. Thought his number plate like this (JI5IS) = Jesus? should be very manner? Mana tau cut my queue and gave us a lcly face zzz...

Finally reaching the hotel wee...look at the the movie "The Mist"

We finally check-in the room and started our own game. Playing black jack, this bastard damn lucky and got triple "7" Zzz..

Moment later, the same bastard won it with this lucky star (jelly). A, 4, 4, 6, 6, is that poker game?

Not sure this loser lost 9 9 kah? Or tired?

After a break, it's time for dinner...

No surprise, First World Plaza was very crowded.

The fastest and cheapest food in Genting? Fast food? What else could it be? Oi, I know I have a big mouth ok?

Smoker(Alvin) used to smoke after dinner, so we decided to go out and had a walk.

Dinner - done, smoke - done, it's time to fight Uncle Lim. Eventually, we came out from the casino with empty pocket. Perhaps we just left few bucks to play with "ball"? We used to play basketball everyday in our school day, but had stopped it when we stepped into working life, we're getting older and older T.T

I believe sport and arcade (now is more to CC) are the favorite for yongster. There is no exception for us, we used to hang out for basketball & King of Fighters (arcade) hehe. Look at Lebon, he wanted to find back his memory, acting pro shooter in Time Crisis 3 lol

One acting pro shooter, another acting pro pilot??

After gaming in arcade, we back to our room and started mini game again ^^

That's for Day 1, good night Genting =)

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