Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year Countdown @ The Curve @ 31/12/2008

Same date, same time, same place. Yeah, where were you at on new year eve? Same as last year, Joleen & I went to Ikano/The Curve to see fireworks performance.

Reasons to come to The Curve @ New Year Eve:
1) Come earlier, easier to get parking @ LDP roadside lol.
2) Free parking.
3) Easier to ciao, no jam =D

1) Summon by police.

Snowman. HIHI!

Went out the main road, wahhhhh...party already started.....

Time is still early, we headed to "The Street". On the way, we saw many gangs already started GB each other haha...and yes, I kena the "ice-cream" too zzz

"Fireman" performed in the middle of the street..well...every year is the same...

Local band performed on the stage..every year is the same...

5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Finally, fireworks have started! Can't really get a nice position due to the stupid building has blocked the view.

What do you call this? hahaha..

I love this, cuz can't exactly see the shape lol

Quite numbers of DSLRers were hunting at that night!

Good Bye 2008..weeeeeeeeeezzzzz

Monday, 5 January 2009

牛车水 NiuZeXui, NZX @ Ara Damansara @ 25/12/2008

Christmas Day, where did you folks go? Joleen and I went to this 牛车水 NiuZeXui, NZX @ Ara Damansara in the evening. Honestly, this place sux. At first, I came from LDP, in order to reach the place, you need to turn in to housing area and passed through a so called "tunnel". Maybe that is a shortcut? Or maybe is the only way? I don't know.

Anyway, I had a high expectation from this place. I heard a lot of good comments about the place, hence the homepage even said it is the Malaysia Largest Covered Boulevard. Ohhhh..ok..is it? Let's have a look....

Some ladies accessories...I found out that most of the shops/booths do not have any promoters/cashiers...was wondering how many pickpocket per day? Maybe they do have sufficient CCTVs.lol

Like I said, nobody take care the shops/booths, you can take as many shots as you want.

Indoor Bonsais?

Saw some cartoon phones from a shop, is it for sell? lol

Winnie the Pooh! =)

They still have some boutique shops though, the price..what do you think?

Too bad Christmas Day no performance, Zzzzz

Though it is air-conditioned and nicer than Petaling Street, but well, you still can see many "lala" smoking..Malaysia Boleh ^^

For dinner, I actually wanted to try the Fullhouse which has been reviewed by my friend Don'z, but the queue looked like never end. So we walked further and a dude approached us when we passed by this restaurant. He then gave us the menu and introduced us the food politely. Since my stomach was making noise and Joleen was "impressed" by the dude, we randomly agreed to try it out.

Smoker or non-smoker? Of course non-smoker lol

Maybe due to holiday, that restaurant was actually quite packed.

Longan Winter Melon & Ice Lemon Tea

My Aglio Bacon. Spicy spaghetti served with bacon.

Overall not bad. But I bet the bacon I fry will more crunchier lol

Her Spaghetti Carbonara. She said it tasted sweet, weird right? Maybe special recipe...

Side order - Calamari a.k.a Deep Fried Squid

Yeah, we both are fried-squid lover lol

Well, the owner of the restaurant did not feel paiseh at all, he/she named the restaurant as Restoran Hao Wei Dao, 好味道茶餐厅. Afterall, it is still not that bad =)

Conclusion, the place sux. Try to look for the place, then try to find the toilet, I guarantee you will laugh your ass off. For more info, please logon to http://www.niuzexui.com/