Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year Countdown @ The Curve @ 31/12/2008

Same date, same time, same place. Yeah, where were you at on new year eve? Same as last year, Joleen & I went to Ikano/The Curve to see fireworks performance.

Reasons to come to The Curve @ New Year Eve:
1) Come earlier, easier to get parking @ LDP roadside lol.
2) Free parking.
3) Easier to ciao, no jam =D

1) Summon by police.

Snowman. HIHI!

Went out the main road, wahhhhh...party already started.....

Time is still early, we headed to "The Street". On the way, we saw many gangs already started GB each other haha...and yes, I kena the "ice-cream" too zzz

"Fireman" performed in the middle of the street..well...every year is the same...

Local band performed on the stage..every year is the same...

5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Finally, fireworks have started! Can't really get a nice position due to the stupid building has blocked the view.

What do you call this? hahaha..

I love this, cuz can't exactly see the shape lol

Quite numbers of DSLRers were hunting at that night!

Good Bye 2008..weeeeeeeeeezzzzz

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