Friday, 24 July 2009

My New Toy - EOS 450D /w 18-55mm kit lens

After struggling for few months, I finally bought my 1st DSLR in my life =). Since DSLR is getting cheaper and cheaper (for me is very expensive), you can always see people holding DSLR @ shopping mall, restaurant, park, almost everywhere. I would say, it doesn't matter you are noobs or pros, DSLR has slowly become a trend. Don't ask me when did I start interested in photography, when did I start googling aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more..I have no idea.

Got myself Canon EOS 450D 18-55 kit lens, Digieye tripod, 8GB memory card, screen protector, and UV filter. Bought it from Boeing Sungei Wang. The 2 salespersons are very nice guys, they answered all my questions and explained to me patiently. After dealing with them for 2-3 hours++, I decided to move on to dark path.

1st time holding DSLR, still trying to get use of the controls and grip.

P, Tv, Av, M a.k.a PASM mode, 1 of the reason to buy DSLR, to learn photography from the mode =)

Camera's mouth lol

Hot shoe, no budget for flash gun at the moment.

3" LCD screen is just nice to me. It shows all the infomation you need, aperture, ISO, shutter, battery bar, picture size, WB, and so. When you move nearer to the viewfinder, the screen will off. When you away from the viewfinder, the screen will on back, funny haha..

This modal comes with live view too. It's very useful when you want to take certain angle that you can't reach with you eyes.

The internal pop-up flash. Though it's not as nice as flash gun, but I'm quite satisfied with the photo with flash. Not too harsh and over-exposed like my previous Lumix FX10, at least I still can use tissue paper to diffuse this haha.

Hm..maybe next upgrade is the flash gun :P

18-55mm kit lens only :(, who can sponsor me 18-200mm? :D

The beauty of the camera, love it so much ^^

Still playing around with the camera, who wanna go outing? Don'z and Dan, since you guys influenced me so much, please teach me some tips haha

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Game Review - Fear 2: Project Origin

Long time no update, it's been awhile. Been busy hunting for DSLR, I lost myself to 450D =). Will update on next post. Today, I wanna talk about the most scary game I've ever played in my life - Fear 2 - Project Origin.

Well, the game is not difficult to play. It just that, the video and audio of the game will surprise you from nowhere. I didn't play Fear 1, so I didn't really know the story. I just knew there is 1 bitch(ghost) always scare you from nowhere. With the 5.1 surround + scary theme song, you really feel the thing is right behind you!

Those who love 1st person shooting, you guys should really try it out. As usual, you have few choices of guns such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, rocket launchers, lasers and more. Other than that, you can take armor for body protection and reduce the damage fired by enemies.

This is the boss, also the bitch who always disturb you throughout the game. Should I call her boss? Cuz you don't need to fight her at the last level, weird right? Whatever she is, she still freak me out throughout the game!

Overall, it still a good game though the ending sux! Anyway, I'm playing Silent Hill 5: Homecoming right now, quite a scary game too! Compare with Fear 2, I still don't have winner(most scary) in my mind, maybe I shouldn't compare 1st person shooting with 3rd person view/action game?