Friday, 3 April 2009

My Bad Experience In DoTA Tournaments

Few months ago, UCpro has hosted their 1st tournament - UCgames. A noob like me has never joined a tournament before, and since it was free, I joined it without thinking twice. The members of the team for this tournament is selected randomly by the admins, meaning you can't find your own team members. Unfortunately, the captain of my team was just a lcly kid who claimed himself was a WCG player before, blah blah blah and stuff like that. Not sure it was fate or what, I was chosen as a substitute player, lmao? My 1st tournament in my life but chosen as substitution HAHAHAHA. But on the fighting day, one of my team member was sicked and asked me to play for him :D weeeeeeeee. Finally got chance to play! MANA TAU when the game began, I kena the most annoying error message from Warcraft 3 "Fatal error". So the game forced to remake and guess what? It came out again! So remake another time. In the 3rd time, I kena again before the game even started :D. So I gave up and called the sick guy to play for me haha. That's my 1st game, result? What do you think? A kid captain with lcly attitude, I assume you have the answer. lol

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Last month, UCpro hosted 2nd tournament - UCdota. This time, they allowed to find your own team ^^. Without further thinking, I texted all "pui" members and asked their opinion. Due to unforeseen circumstances, 2 of the pui members have unstable working hour, they can't join us. In the end, our pui ex-member dunkillm3 (previously known as k2-vocal) and Bobby's friend - justnoob (Sean) have joined us for the tournament. If not mistaken, our opponent is a bunch of kids cuz most of their IGN (In-game name) are the characters from Doraemon. Their team name is "Ang ang ang", theme song from Doraemon? So the teams line up would be :

[pui]MingKAI, [pui]Bobbyd, DunKillm3, justNoob, -pui-nAoKI, [pui]yinyuan (sub)


Sinyu, Giant, Nobita, Doraem0n, Shizuka

Result? Expected lose, and kena tapau in 35 mins :D. 2 of the members changed their heroes in last min, and our team just like the sand, no teamwork at all. Yes, that's the style and signature of our team, famous of AFK and no teamwork, each of us just like street fighter lol. Well, I was quite upset of our result although it was expected. We just lack or teamwork and experience. Perhaps we could do it better in the coming tournament? The answer is NO!

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Finally, all the pui members were able to join the UCpro's 3rd tournament - IMBAlanC 09. This tournament is a bit different from other tournaments. 4 seasons, 6 countries, 64 teams, 448 players, USD $10000 and 1 glory. It's bigger and more attractive than previous tournaments. If you lucky this time, you are able to fight with other counties like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, and Vietnam.

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Though the champion is only USD $550, but compare to UCdota which is RM250 + merchandises, this is much much higher. After completed the registration, we were damn excited about it. We trained our heroes, teamwork, items almost every night. We discussed our plan like heroes, items, opponent's common heroes, playstyle, etc, but we missed out 1 thing, analyze their replay. We did expect this would be another lose game, but we did try our best, didn't we?

The opponent was Synx, they lost their game in the semi-final game in UCdota. 5 of them played under the same roof cuz admins detected that they were sharing a same IP. Of course, teamwork was better since they seated together (excuse lol). The game was really terrible and we kena sapu 9 9 in 25 mins haha. No doubt, their teamwork was really decent. The teams line up were:

[pui]MingKAI, [pui]BobbyD, [pui]Aced, [pui]yinyuan, [pui]lasenza, -pui-naoki(sub)


Siryx, Fantastic, VitaminC, PremiumHeart, aLoser

How did I feel about the result? Besides disappointed it's still disappointed, disappointed, and disappointed. It's really strange, though I expected it was a lose game, but I have no idea why disappointed still came for me. Perhaps I did put effort on planing everything with the team, no idea. After the tournament, [pui] has officially disbanded? [pui]Aced, [pui]lasenza, and -pui-naoki have quited DoTA due to frustration and persuited their other hobbies/interests. Will they ever come back to DoTA? No one knew about it, what I knew is left me and [pui]BobbyD haha, like old times.

At last, I wanna thank everyone to make it happen, special credit to [pui]yinyuan cuz he rushed back from meeting just for a lose game lol, appreciated it. Though it was a lose game, at least we officially formed a team and played in tournament before haha. Thanks everyone =)

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