Thursday, 30 April 2009

Game Review - The Godfather II

The Godfather II is a latest video game based on the movie The Godfather Part II. Obviously, the game is slightly different from the movie. In the game, you act as the main character "Dominic", a dude who appointed to become a new Don for Corleone family. Your job is to defend your family, take over all the rackets, and defend the rackets from other familes in New York, Cuba, and Florida.

Have you gotten your copy yet? Oh ya, it's rated "18", not suitable for kids haha.

My crew members and our ride. The new features of this episode are, you can choose your own crews. Every dudes has his individual skills, whether they are Arsonist - the one who setup fire and bomb the building, Engineer - the one who cut down the fence, crack the safe, cut down the electricity, Medic - the one who brought you back from death, and more. You also can order them to defend the rackets when other famillies are attacking and trying to take over your rackets. Depends what favors you wanted from them, choose the crews wisely.

This is the map of Florida. Each of the rackets has 1 owner, you need to go there and fight with the other families, and then take over the racket from the owner.

The funny thing is, most of the owners always hiding on the rooftop haha. Sometimes you just need to search every corner of the building to get him/her.

Ask the engineer to cut down the electricity before starting the war. Or else, the enemy will call their bosses and get reinforcement via the phone lol

Ask the bomber to break the wall using dynamites and pay a surprise visit.

In the game, you can do whatever you want to do. Rob the bank whenever you are lack of cash is just an example. You can kill anyone you want, innocent people, cops, anyone. Other than that, you also have many sub missions in order to complete certain missions. Example, you need to do favor for people to get information of the location of enemy's crews and eliminate them. You also can do favor for cops or bribe them so that they can stay away from you when anything happens.

There are many prostitutes and dancers in the club. Feel free to flirt them whenever you feel bored.

If you feel bored again, feel free to shoot on the street lol.

There are many ways of execution, this is 1 of the execution style - Pistol Execution.

Superkick Execution.

Magnum Execution.

Tommy Gun Execution.

After taking down all the rackets that belonged to a family, that family's campaign will be unlocked. It's time to rush in and kill anyone you see, of course, kill the big big boss. At last, don't leave the house empty, order your crew and take it down.


I knew the gameplay of this Godfather II and GTAIV is quite similar, but since I haven't played GTAIV, I can't state any comments and differences. Another gangster/mafia game is coming real soon - Mafia II.

The dvd case cover hasn't out yet, I assumed this is just the temporary logo?

The picture quality is really impressed me. So far, the trailers and screenshots already out, really looking forward to this game. Hope it is much nicer than Mafia I.

Another 50's gang fight game weeee...

Yeah! Shoot the motherfucker!

Few more months to wait zzzz..can't wait to play it!

P/S: I rate The Godfather II 5 out of 10. Due to the stupid bugs and noob AI, the game also getting low rating from other famous game sites.

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