Monday, 4 May 2009

Random Shots

Long time didn't arrange my noob shots. Pros are welcomed to give comments. Thanks!

1) Exposure: 1/100, Aperture: F5, ISO: 100

Taken from LRT Sri Petaling, added the fake bokeh lol.

2) Exposure: 1.6, Aperture: F3.7, ISO: 100

Taken this near the lake next to Plaza Kelana Jaya.

3) Exposure: 1/6, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 200

Obviously at Starbucks, added more bokeh.

4) Exposure: 1/8, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 320

Snapped from one of the restaurant @ Tesco Bandar Utama. Added more bokeh too.

5) Exposure: 1/3.2, Aperture: F4.5, ISO: 100

Fountain between The Curve & Tesco. Added some bokeh.

6) Exposure: 1/4, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 400

This photo never PS before. Just played around with the flash.

7) Exposure: 1/30, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

Chicken chop @ William's @ Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ. The food is very pricey for me lol. Is the bokeh made the photo worse? Looks too fake? Maybe because of the flash, the place is very dark.

8) Exposure: 8, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

Wondering what is this? Too bad I won't give you any hints. Kinda cool?

10) Exposure: 8, Aperture: F4.8, ISO: 100

The water tank at the back of my house. Of course it doesn't look as nice as taken from DSLR with ND filter.

11) Exposure: 8, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

Taken outside my house. The beauty of 8 seconds haha. Does it look like a paint?

12) Exposure: 8, Aperture: F3.8, ISO: 100

Sri Petaling park. The white balance of the camera is really terrible, whether is auto or manual, especially pointing to white or green colour.

13) Exposure: 4, Aperture: F3.2, ISO: 100

Bukit Jalil Stadium. Too bad the light of the stadium is off.

14) Exposure: 2, Aperture: F3, ISO: 100

Savanna Bukit Jalil condos & KLPH @ night.

15) Exposure: 1.3, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

Another angle of KLPH.

16) Exposure: 2, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

Car tail light. Taken on the overhead bridge outside Green Packet office @ Jalan Travers.

17) Exposure: 2, Aperture: F3, ISO: 100

Different angle of tail light. Taken inside my car.

18) Exposure: 1.6, Aperture: F2.8, ISO: 100

The speed of light.

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