Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Long Lost Memory

During a CNY night, some friends of mine came to my house and of course, we "open table". Coincidentally, none of them had small change. In order to represent the money, they asked me to look for something that can be replaced. Therefore, I tried to look around in my drawers. Unexpectedly, I found something that nearly laugh my pants off.

Look what I've found? A box of anime/manga/NBA star cards, birthday/CNY wishes cards, and more. Just wondering why the heck I'm still keeping these lol.

So, what do we got here? E Honda hugging Chun-Li (Street Fighter II) with 3600 HP. One of the best video game in that time.

Dragonball Z. One of the best manga at that time. Who doesn't love Dragonball?

One of the best game in arcade, The King Of Fighters, also the reason we(lunchai) used to hang out in arcade (Kota Raya, Sungei Wang, Serdang, OUG) lol

Another famous manga at that time, Slam Dunk. We(lunchai) used to play basketball everyday, therefore Slam Dunk was our motivation?

Michael Jordan, my NBA idol. Too bad he's retired, damn missed his air-time and slam dunk.

This explained why I'm so into video games, cuz I started to play when I was a kid lol

Perhaps a little cute birthday card?

It's been awhile lost contact with her since her wedding. Maybe it's time to call her back, and thanks for your special wish of gaining weight, cuz I'm really "fat" now.

CNY also used to be a trend of trading CNY cards at that time.

From my long time buddy - Lebon a.k.a Bobbydrake, knew him since Standard 5. Thanks buddy!

Last but not least, it's a chick! My origin of MingKAI =D

To: 兽性鸡 (明鸡) <----MingKAI =.="

Ming is my last name, but why KAI(chick)? Cuz 3-point shooting in basketball was my best skill. 9/10 3-point is just a easy job for me, but they thought that was 鸡(lucky), therefore, they name me as 明鸡(MingKAI) lol.

The card reminded me of creativity of yours - Bobby, and humorous of yours - DD. I will keep the card forever, I like it very much, thank you guys, lunchai forever =)

P/S: Always keep something memorable for your memory =)


BobbyDrake said...

WAHHHHHHH... cannot believe you still keeping those.. especially my card.. WOOSHH.. soooo touch!

MingKAI said...

lol..i can't believe's very clean though..:D