Monday, 11 May 2009

Alvin's Birthday Celebration @ Restoran Steamboat Hoi Tong @ 04/05/2009

This year, our birthday boy suggested that we should go for cheaper food. We used to celebrate our birthday at this bbq steamboat restaurant called Hot Tong before we started working, or after?? I can't remember, can't even remember when was the last time we ate there. As usual, Wosip late again. And since our hunger didn't allow us to wait, we started without him.

Lambs, chicken wings, beefs..I felt the pepper on lamb is too heavy..and shouldn't take so much chicken wings, really hard to cook haha

lamb, chicken, beef, fish ball, tofu, mee, squid, ham, sausage.....can't stop eating!

The one that played most important role in the whole bbq steamboat session..

Bobby served me this - Dry Tomyam Yee Mee, not bad! Thanks bob!

I said thanks, but never asked you to act cute!

The birthday boy wanted to serve me, what an honour!

Look at his skill, thanks again!

Food food food! Eat as much as you can!

I still remember last time the fire burned your hair, or is it DD's? How about this time?

Not Haagendazs nor Baskin-Robbins, but still nice =)

After struggling for 4 hours, here is the result.

Even this friend also R.I.P, Amen.

This business of this restaurant is still running well, full house on weekdays. This photo taken around 8pm++, still empty.

Give a try if you're in Serdang, I would say it's one of the must-try restaurant in Serdang. =)


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