Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where The Hell Is Linkin Park??

Few months ago, I bought a new CD/DVD "Linkin Park - Road To Revolution". A not so hardcore LP fans of me, how could I missed it? It's acutally a Pro-shot concert live @ Milton Keynes, England back in 2008. Compared to their previous similar released "Linkin Park - Live In Texas" in 2003, this is better in term of the video quality, audio quality, and also the angle movement. Unlike Live In Texas, the audio of this Road To Revolution is more to live wheareas Live In Texas is highly edited and sound like studio-live.

The cover of the CD/DVD.

Open it, you will get the CD, DVD...

Of course, and also the small photo booklet covering the individual and band photos.

Chester Bennington

Brad Delson

Joe Hahn

Some screen capture from the DVD, look at the crowd man..I wished I was there lol..

Another angle from the stage, can't imagine you are one of the "ant"...lol

The crazy screamer - Chester Bennington

Like always, scream his lung out..

Rob Bourdon - The 10000 rpm hand..

The crazy rapper - Mike Shinoda

Brad Delson :"Wanna fight? LAI!"

Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - Back pain and falling down lol

DJ Joe Hahn

His gears..

After they released the last single "Leave Out All The Rest" from the album "Minutes To Midnight" and ended their tour in August 2008, they seemed like disappeared from the news, so where the hell are they? According to Mike Shinoda's blog - www.mikeshinoda.com, Mike revealed that they had back to studio at Hahn's home and started recording new album. The fourth album was expected in early next year (2010).

Taken from mikeshinoda.com

Look at Mike, see how concentrate he is haha..

Taken from mikeshinoda.com

I guess is fun to sit down together and writing/thinking songs in the studio, though I don't know to play any of the musical instruments.

Taken from mikeshinoda.com

I can't believe myself started listening to their music since the debut album "Hybrid Theory" in 2000. Until now, I still love their music although they changed their style from nu-metal, rap-rock, alternative rock (Hybrid Theory, Meteora) to something else (Minutes to Midnight). According to Chester, the new album will be a concept album, but they didn't really release many specific details about the album. So, what does it mean? Another surprise? Anyway, no matter what style they gonna change, I believe it sure acceptable by LP fans. Don't disappoint me, LP rocks forever =)

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