Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ooops! They Did It Again!!

Right the day after my previous post, Screamyx did it again =). This happened roughly from 6:30pm til 9:30pm. I was online MSN chatting with Lebon, he asked me whether I can access facebook and yahoo. So I did a test and ended up I can't access some of the local and international websites like lowyat.net, cari.com.my, maybank.com.my, yahoo.com, facebook.com and so on.

Local website like lowyat.net also inaccessible, what can I say more?

Timed out til tomorrow lol

Facebook also timeout zzzzz

Ping til TTL expired weeeeeee...

The strange thing is, I asked some of the friends from MSN tested for me, but ended up with the same result, of course, they use Screamyx as well. Called the hotline but what I got is engage tone, perhaps it's too hot! Obviously that is their problems. So I tried my luck and visit their homepage. BINGO! No announcement has been made! What can I say more? Their style! BOLEH!

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