Sunday, 20 January 2008

BBQ @ Jet's House @ 09/01/2008

We just had a BBQ not long ago at Johnny's house. But this time, we had again at Jet's house. We departed after finished our work and during the way to Jet's house, we had a hard time to find his house because we never been to his house. I still remembered that day was raining and very suitable for BBQ.

Spaghetti prepared by Jeslyn.

Fruits prepared by Ivy

Fire setup by John and Sam.

Some foods.

Absolut Vodka provided by Jet.

Sam, Jeslyn, and Ivy. Thanks for the chicken wings ya =)

Chicken wings. Wah, you all treated so nice lol.

Johnny's shirt. LAH!

Jeslyn, KAI, Johnny, and John. Who was John staring at??


After. Ya, I knew it's quite early for lou sang. But it's hard to gather all the people :D

At last, I wished to thank all the people who organized this wonderful BBQ.

Organizer - Jeslyn
Food bought by - Ivy & Jeslyn
Food prepared by - everyone ??
House - Jet
Firemen - Sam & John ??
Cleaner - Jeslyn, Ivy, Alan ??


ji mui said...

ermmm... yaya.. it's really enjoyable... very happy.. hehe.. i think next round should be at PD, rite??? hahaha.. hopefully all of us can gather again... :P

MingKAI said...

lol PD BBQ I really nv tried it..when??

ji mui said...

when?? dunno... but i think probably wont be at PD ady.. changed to Sam's house... not yet confirm la.. after cny gua..