Saturday, 15 November 2008

MingKAI's Birthday Celebration - Lebon's Treat @ Restaurant Wah Tian @ 31/10/2008

31st October suppose to be Halloween, but also my birthday ^^. When we are young, we keep hoping that the birthday will come as soon as possible because you are getting birthday presents, celebration from friends and family. But til recent years, it reminded me that I'm getting older and older when I celebrate my birthday. What did I worry exactly? I can tell you, I don't know zz..Just have some weird feeling.

Anyway, this year, some of my friends and lunchai still remember my birthday lol. I have capped all the sms and decided to post it here for future memory =). Hope you all don't mind. buddy Lebon aka Bobby sent me exactly at 12am..amazing lol

Part 2. Thanks buddy ^^

My jimui - Jeslyn

Part 2

Another jimui - cute haha

Surprisingly, my long lost ex-colleague still remember my birthday = =

I thought someone sent this wrongly, when I scrolled down a bit, >.<...niama..jenjobs spam me again. And yes, jenjobs almost spam me 1 vacancy a day active til send me birthday wish zzz Even my DotA kaki also know my birthday = =..Friendster's reminder? XD

Lunchai DD, this year a bit late :P...busy doing what there?

Another DotA kaki, thanks man!

My sister, thanks ya!

Lunchai 2008 - Alvin..must be very "busy" in Phuket lol

Amazingly, my buddy Bobby invited me for dinner @@..walao..he sacrificed "friday night" and treated me for dinner lol..Thanks man, really appreciate it =). He brought me to the nearby restaurant and he told me the restaurant is new and he already been there for more than 10 times = =...When we reached there, the time is already 7pm++. Without further delay, he quickly ordered the food. Of course, crab is a must ^^

First dish was vege..biasa....

2nd dish, what you call that in English?

Sizzling tofu with mince meat..very nice!

Unknown FREE soup that doesn't look like a soup

The main dish - 奶油蟹

Surprisingly, we tapau (finish) all the dishes muahaha...

OMG, I'll be going there again with lunchai next week haha..crab crab crab =)


ji mui said...

the dishes looked so tasty, guy... hehe..

dumb-baker said...

Oppsiee...happy belated birthday Ming Kor!

MingKAI said...

ji mui: yupe..very delicious..crabs are very very very cheap =)

dumb-baker: wakaka..ty very much =)