Thursday, 20 December 2007

Company Trip - Day 2 @ Cameron Highlands @ 11/12/2007

2nd day, we woke up very early and had our breakfast at M floor. After the quick breakfast, it's time to move to Tea Farm.

Took a photo after the breakfast :)

We stopped at Equatorial Hotel and changed to a smaller bus. Maybe long time never been to Tea Farm, but the road is really really narrow and dangerous and almost shocked my ass off. Anyway, it's worth to risk your life to go there due to the fresh air of the farm. It's really beautiful and relax when having a hot tea in a cold and beautiful place.

Some machines inside the factory.

Wah..nice view.

Another shot.

Hou leng ah....

Which 1 most lengzai? lol

After that, we moved to nearby Strawberry Farm. Actually, we free to pick any strawberry in the farm but only for weekend = =.

Close shot of strawberry.

After the visit, we then moved to a chinese restaurant and had our lunch there. After lunch, we took a walk in a flower market and I bought some strawberries and flowers hehe. It's time to go back to office and we reached there around 8pm++. Anyway, this really an enjoyable and unforgettable trip, I really enjoy it.


Anonymous said...'s really an enjoyable and unforgettable trip... 6 of us, stayed in a same apt... nice memories there.. hope will hv another trip... gimmy, u shud plan for it wo.. hehe..

MingKAI said... comes 1st XD