Tuesday, 22 April 2008

BBQ @ PD @ 12-04-2008 - 13-04-2008

After came back from PD for the 1st Exper1ence training, my ex-colleagues and I went to PD AGAIN. But this time, we stayed in Ancasa Resort. The apartment is not bad, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, quite clean though. Thanks Jeslyn for the well arrangement.

Took from balcony, a small swimming pool.

Sea view.


After checked in the apartment and rested for about 30 mins, it's almost 5pm++. We planned to walk to the beach and swim for awhile. But due to the super duper "clean" water, we gave up and took some photos before going back to apartment.

"Sexy bitch" - MingKAI, Johnny, Jeslyn

The apartment we stayed. We saw a volleyball court when we walked back to apartment. Instead of doing nothing, we planned to have a match before we proceeded to BBQ dinner.

Sam, Jeslyn, Johnny (Wondering why he so excited lol), Ivy.

MingKAI, Jeslyn, Ivy, & Johnny

After the match, we walked back to apartment and took the BBQ equipment. Everybody was so hungry and can't wait to setup the fire. This photo was taken around 7pm++, before setting up the fire.

See, everybody was trying so hard just to setup the stupid fire.

Almost 8pm, the sky was getting darker and darker.

Finally, Jet was du gao lan and lost his temper, he threw a box into the bbq pit and burned together with charcoal LOL. Amazingly, the fire was up =D

Why wait? Everyone can't wait to cook their food.

At that night, we're attacked by 2 intruders. Instead of kicking them away, John seemed like very happy and even fed them 9 9.

Look at the mess lol

Honestly, bbq I already tried many times. But bbq at the beach is really 1st time =D

Forget to mention, the air-con of girls's room is working well, but the air-con of guys's room is hot like sauna. Since we didn't have any choice, we were forced to sleep at the dining room. Thanks to the stupid sauna.

Me and Johnny did some hardcore "exercise" at night lol.

4 lengluis.

Ma lat lou =D

Group photo ^^

Ugly leaf.

Nice flower ^^

We checked out at 12 and headed to this Empayar Seremban Siew Pow for lunch as well as buying Siew Pow(烧包).

Johnny's new Satria Neo. Steady and stylish ^^

We ordered a set lunch. Can't remember is 6 or 7 dishes for 11 persons lol.

Tofu & prawns.

Pork rib. I love it ^^

Steam fish.

I can say this is a wonderful trip. 1st time bbq at the beach haha. I also never traveled with this amount of people except for company trip or family trip. Again, thanks Jeslyn for organizing this amazing trip, well done ^^


ji mui said...

hehe.. actually not only Jeslyn did the arragement.... every1 also involved... kekeke.. but really enjoy the trip... oooi.. when u wanna plan for our trip?? kekeke..

MingKAI said...

sigh..i think have to postpone to next year cuz im going to Phuket on June ^^..now eating porridge everyday T_T

ji mui said...

wah wah wah... so cham meh??? how much wo?? not bad.. go with who?? din ask us de?? kidding la..

dumb-baker said...

I wan siew pau!!! Y u no buy me siew pau??!!??!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

lse said...

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow? Nice?

I never try this siew pow but I have tried Kee Mei Siew Pow, which is recommended by my Seremban friend. May be next time need to try Empayar 1. Seem good also.