Thursday, 20 March 2008

1st Exper1ence @ PD @ 17/03/2008 - 18/03/2008

Some of you may know that, I have joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) since Jan 2008 as my 2nd job in my career. Not long ago, I was invited to attend this so called "1st Exper1ence" training program at Port Dickson (PD) from 17/03/2008 to 18/03/2008. At first, I knew that it was a team building program and omg, can't it be at another place other than PD ?? After I found out that we will be staying at Avillion Hotel (5 star), why not I join them since it's free and no need to work for 2 days :D

After the 1 hour++ journey from KL, we finally made it and reached there around 9am. But yet, we still can't checked in. There were some refreshment waiting for us outside the function room before we attended the seminar. The talk finished at 1pm and we had lunch at the hotel's restaurant "Crow's Nest". Again, we continued our boring talk at 2pm and finished by 4pm. It's time for our tea break and finally, we got our room key and time to check out the room. Fortunately, we stayed in Water Chalets which is above the water.

OMG, it's 2 single bed and a children bed!

The children bed at the corner, my roommate slept on it.

Walked out the balcony, you can see some view like this.

Time to check out the bathroom :D



After changing the PWC T-shirt, it's time to move to Guoman Hotels to proceed SWAT camp. At first, I thought that is the usual (Special Weapons and Tactics) which led me think of Paintball cause it required a lot of teamworks. Once we arrived at the SWAT camp, then we only knew it stands for (Superior, Work, Attitude Training Camp) for companies seeking to become high performing teams.

Instructor was giving the instructions and rules & regulations about the games.

There were 4 games we needed to complete. We got blue, green, red, and yellow team. I'm in blue team. The team with highest score is the winner. This is one of the game, not sure what it called.

Before we started the game, we heard thunder sound, omg, see the sky, it's going to rain. But in the end, we still proceeded our game.

One of the game, mission is to lift anyone up and pass through the net without touching the net or pole, even 1 piece of hair. Indeed, there was a time limit. A net with many holes, some are big, some are small, therefore we usually took girls instead of guys cause girls are lighter and smaller size, which is easier to pass through the hole.

See how many people to lift up a tiny girl lol.

2nd game, sand with some poles..what to do with it??

Looks easy? Just crawl over the sand without touching the poles and pipes again? The answer is NO. Yes, you need to crawl over sand without touching the poles and pipes, BUT, you also need to crawl with whole team. Each of everyone must touches other person when crawling over. Whether is shoe, hand, body, or whatsoever. Again ,this game was given time limit too.

Rainbow also joined the game. Actually there was raining when we were playing the games, but just not that heavy.

3rd game, started from 2 points, left and right. 2 persons needed to climb from left/right and move to middle, then swap the place and climb back to left/right without falling down.

We missed the 4th game due to the heavy rain. In the end, we (blue team) had the highest score and become the winner. I won myself a PWC pen lol.

After the game, we backed to hotel and took shower, and waited for dinner. Evening view, too bad I can't see sunset from the room.

Took this photo after shower. Was it sunset or dusk?


After the shower, we went to another nearby hotel to have our BBQ dinner. The food was delicious and the environment of the restaurant was very happening. Once we finished, we walked out the restaurant and saw some boats.

Sailboats. Around 11pm, we transfered back to our hotel. My roommate joined his friends to play pool game but I went back to room instead because it's really tiring after the outdoor game. Since we need to wake up at 7:00am, I slept earlier right after I finished some TV shows.

7:15am, I guessed I miss the sunrise lol.

Another shot.

Beautiful, isn't it?

After the decent breakfast, we continued our nightmare speech until 4pm. There were lunch and tea-break in between. Well, that's all, 2 days training at PD was over.

At last, the beach :D


Anonymous said...

See here or here

ji mui said...

hihi... cool man... nice scenery...

MingKAI said...

not bad how's our PD trip lol

ji mui said...

hei, guy!! avillion hotel ok anot?? how much ah?? if can, i oso wanna book avillion but if there any BBQ pits?? hehe... i had sent email 2 ur hotmail ler.. pls check it ya...

MingKAI said...

not sure..but i just know it's 5 star and freaking exp..i dun think have BBQ pit cuz i didnt see it..ic..i will check it when i get home..cant check at office :(