Sunday, 2 March 2008

Last night, Joleen and I went to dinner at "The Lobsterman" for celebrating Valentine's Day. I knew some people were wondering why we celebrated so late instead of celebrating on that day. Well, that's our culture and I think you all know that dinner on Valentine's Day is over expensive. This was my 2nd time dinner at "The Lobsterman" and the 1st time was last year Christmas celebration with Joleen's family and her relative. The food is delicious but still can't fill my stomach, maybe I'm a big eater, am I?

Outside look.

Inside look #1.

Inside look #2.

Lobsters in the aquarium before bringing in to the kitchen :(.

Lobster in the water lol


1/2 dozen of New Zealand Mussels


Soup of the day.

Main dish - Lobster Thermidor (Italy).

Ahh...fresh meat!

Look at the giant claw lol

Seafood rice with cheese.

Coffee and dessert.

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ji mui said...

wow... so nice.... nex time must hv a try.. hehe...

MingKAI said... is nice..but abit exp and not enough for me..haha..but once a while and give a try :D

Anonymous said...

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