Monday, 5 May 2008

Lunch @ Kin Kin Pan Mee @ 28/04/2008

I promised Joleen will take her to try this famous Kin Kin pan mee in KL long time ago. But before that, she told me that she also knew a famous chili pan mee near the PWC old office and asked me whether is the same restaurant. Before turning into the Chow Kit road, she asked me "Eh? That is our old office Sime Darby building la, are you taking me to the same restaurant that I used to eat??" At that time only I know the PWC old office - Sime Darby building located there lol. After we reached the restaurant, she said "Ya la! The same restaurant, cheh.." I was like = =".....So here I am, 2nd time lol

As usual, the place was very packed. Most of the customers were sharing the tables. Actually, I heard a lot of bad comments of the service from local bloggers. And this 2nd visit, I truly experienced that.

As usual, I ordered 2 bowls (1 bowl confirmed not enough). Firstly, I waved my hand and tried to call the aunty. She saw me but didn't feel wanna serve me. Fine, I ordered from a uncle. When the noodles came, I was shock and looked at Joleen "WTF??". My bowl - Pan Mee without ikan bilis, how to eat??I looked at Joleen's bowl, only mee and egg Zzzz

Side order - pork ball.

The ultimate chili paste. The one that made you laosai for few days. Yes, it made me laosai for 2 days from my 1st visit. Luckily this time I only took few spoons and laosai only for few hours lol. When we about to leave, I walked to the counter there and want to pay the bill. But that aunty again, didn't seem want to collect money from me. Instead of "begging" her, I quickly paid my bill to another uncle. Well, this is the terrible services of this restaurant. The mee is the best but the service is really speechless, maybe I'm the unlucky one.

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