Friday, 27 June 2008

Johnny's Birthday Celebration @ Pasta de Gohan @ 22/05/2008

Wow, almost 2 months haven't blogged anything. Me myself also didn't realize that, time flied like no tomorrow Zzz.Ok cut the craps. 2 months ago, Jimui gang met up again to celebrate 1 of the jimui's birthday, Johnny. After the discussion, we set to meet up @ Sunway Pyramid. As usual, I'm the earliest and the birthday boy showed his special privileges, came in last lol

Ivy suggested to try this Pasta DE Gohan. She saw it when she passed through the restaurant, it seemed very nice and that moment we all can't wait anymore. Instead of waiting Johnny blindly, we quickly grabbed a table and ordered our food =).

After read the menu, only I realized that this is a Japanese Spaghetti Restaurant. It has plenty of choices and different styles of spaghetti.

The place was quite small but the waitress are quite friendly and funny.

Jet & me

Forgot the name zzz...

Forgot the name zzz...

Unagi Pizza. Very very thin.

Spaghetti with egg, kinda unique huh?

Chicken chop pasta???


Forgot the name. What's that?

Spaghetti with egg and bacon. Each of us ordered different type of spaghetti and shared together =)

How can birthday celebration celebrated without present? Looks like a big present lol.

Maybe Johnny felt paiseh, he wanted to open the present at home. But in the end we still forced him to open wakaka...

Yeah!! It's a pillow for car. Kinda cute huh?

Jimui gang, where's Alan?

Jeslyn and the restaurant lol

Sunway Lagoon at night ^^

Honestly, the spaghetti is quite good but it just not worth it. It has a lot of choices and very unique, but the portion is very very freaking small. Don't get cheated by the sample from the front of the restaurant although it's quite tempting. I rather spend money on Chilis lol

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