Monday, 11 August 2008

Day 5 @ Phuket Trip @ 22/06/2008 - 26/06/2008

Day 5, last day of the trip. We got up around 9am and looked some places for breakfast.

The budget hotel we stayed, Rico's Hotel

As we were looking for food, we saw this funny banner. Cold Beers + Clean Ice + Clean Toilets LOL. New way to attract tourists??

We lazy to walk that far and since we have not much choices, we simply walked into a restaurant. My drink, coconut lol.

Sandwich + Mango juice for Joleen

My spaghetti.


My topping, Parmesan cheese lol

After breakfast, we took some photos before going to airport. See the alien scared the shit of Joleen.

Bully Joleen, go die la!

See the difference of day and night of Bangla road lol?

Time to back to Malaysia T.T

Phuket International Airport.

Duty free lol. Conclusion, though we didn't enjoy that much due to the fucking weather, but we did have our fun time hehe. Where will be our next stop? Money money money Zzzz

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