Thursday, 31 July 2008

Day 4 @ Phuket Trip @ 22/06/2008 - 26/06/2008

Day 4 already, so fast zzzz, especially holiday. We wished to look for more tour especially jungle tracking, elephant tracking, island tour and more. Due to the unstable weather, we forced to cancel it. After we woke up in the morning, BINGO, raining again! Sigh, after the rain stopped, we went out looked for breakfast since this hotel didn't include breakfast.

We walked out the street and simply sat down in a restaurant. We ordered 2 sets of American breakfast. Here is the hot chocolate.

Mix fruits juice.

2 breads, 2 sausages, 1 ham, 2 eggs.

Butter, don't know what, strawberry jam

Kai & Joleen. It rained again when we were enjoying the breakfast.Zzz

Since we got no choice and no place to go, we walked to Patong beach again and had a lil fun time there. "The rain is stopped"

Kai. After 30 mins of "fun" time, "it rained again!". What can we do? Walked back to hotel and had a hot shower Zzz..sien??

Since outside was still raining, we decided to walk to nearby shop and bought some junk food.

Part of the lunch, chocolate lol

Thailand cup noodles, really different taste hehe! We rent a DVD movie from the receptionist and had lunch at the same time. After the lunch, we went out and looked for cheap massage. Since we're in Thailand, how can we miss the Thai massage?

Here we are, full body Thai massage for only 200 baht (RM20). When the massage started, the guy already knew that both of us were facing computer everyday lol.

No joke, come Thailand must try ok?

After the massage, time for dinner. We went back to the stall that Alvin brought us to in Day1. FYI, you will seldom see a soft drink in can cuz Phuket liked to sell in bottle instead. Perhaps the whole Thailand?

Pineapple fried rice.


Looks tempting? No?


When we passed through the Bangla road, party started again lol. Male, female, shemale??

Wish 1 day Malaysia has a wild place like this lol

Alcohol, alcohol, and only alcohol!

Weeee...shake ur asses!

Joleen and the dancers. Since this was my 1st time to Thailand, let's try something that we never tried before. When you walk along the Bangla street, there are bunch of noobs will keep approaching you and showed the menu. In the menu you will see "Agogo Show", "Ping Pong Show", "Magic show" and blah blah blah. That night, we went to the "Agogo" show. Mana tau, it just some normal strippers dancing on the stage, doing some disgusting move. Anyway, you can see many types of people inside the club. 1 gang of friends/youngsters, 1 gang of old folks from different countries and doing some different thing with the stippers in the club. Aiks...only after that my friend told me that "Tiger" show is the sex show, not "Agogo" and Joleen quite dissapointed lol.

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