Thursday, 17 July 2008

Day 2 @ Phuket Trip @ 22-06-2008 - 26-06-2008

Day 2, we woke up very early cuz we bought the tour package last night after the dinner. This is a full day tour which includes 3 islands, Maya beach, Phi Phi Island, and don't know what beach. The journey from hotel to jetty is about 30 mins, once we reached there....


Maya beach, damn nice!

Nice weather and nice scenery isn't it?

Actually, there is nothing much you can do since it only stops for 30 mins Zzz..

Not really, at least you still can pose like this LOL.

Just now very good weather right? 30 mins later Zzzz

After the rain, we moved to monkey cave. What was he eating?? Look at his tiny xxxx lol

Look at the small monkey hugging his mom cute..

Who said monkeys don't drink Cola? But he liked it so much!

Like until like this, unbelievable?

This is the last island we visited after we had our lunch and snokerling at Phi Phi island.

The water is clear but I think Pulau Perhentian is clearer..

So many fishes..just like Redang haha..

That's all for the tour. After shower, Alvin text me and said wanna bring me out to try local seafood. Actually we already planned it long long time ago, sure I won't reject XD....1 of the special soup..really taste special!


6 biji fishballs. big and soft lol

Vege, curry soft-shell crab, and fried seaweed..

Fried squid.

Alvin, Zun, and KAI. Thanks for the dinner man. The restaurant located nearby the jetty. It's kinda hard to find it if you are not the local people. The food is only 1 word to describe, "Delicious"!

Joleen and me

After dinner, not enough. He brought us to a pub and the band is his friends. The band performed excellently but the sound is really really loud.

We hang out til 1-2 am only back to hotel. Thanks for night Vin ^^

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