Monday, 21 July 2008

Day 3 @ Phuket Trip @ 22/06/2008 - 26/06/2008

Thanks to Alvin, the seafood really gg me. I full til fall in sleep inside the pub even the music was damn loud. In the morning, we both really tired and couldn't wake up as usual. And since outside was raining AGAIN, we decided to sleep, sleep, and sleep. When the time we woke up, it's already 2pm++ lol. But since the rain was stopped, it's time to get something to eat.

Looks familiar? You are right, McD fried chicken? But why McD? Cuz I remembered Alvin told me that McD in Phuket got pork set..but seems like I was mistaken..After back to KL, he told me only Phuket town has pork set, and Patong there quite many tourists are Muslims, so that branch doesn't have port set =.=|

McD frieds weeee. But a bit expensive compare to KL.

After the brunch, we walked to Patong beach. Honestly, Patong beach is not as beauty as I imagined. Cloudy and windy, perhaps going to rain again.

When we were taking pictures at the beach, we saw some Thai boxers promoted their match on the street, yeah, on top of the truck lol.

Finally got a bit sunlight.

o0o =.= o0o

Joleen and Kai

OMG lol


Seems like storm is coming AGAIN Zzzz..


dumb-baker said...

Gimmy Yap...u told me b4 that gg = good what does 'gg' means in this post of yours leh? My bb calls me gg...but i supposed that's not the gg u meant in ur post ha...kekekekke

Went so many place for time must pester you to buy me some nice snacks liao...:P

MingKAI said...

In dota, gg = good game, noob = newbie...nowadays..u call see alot of ppl or bloggers use those words..cuz influence from real to explain..

example.." so hard but no bonus? u gg la".."wah..your boss scold you like that? u gg la".." that also can? GG!" it?

dumb-baker said...

.____. *sweats*