Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My games review - August

Ever since I bought this noob graphic cards, I started playing some nice games. Though it just a cheap card, but still able to play plenty of games in normal setting mode. Here are some games that I played after I bought the graphic new pc.

Yes, the noob Gecube ATI RAdeon HD3650 256MB

Crysis, the 1st game that I installed for my new pc. Unfortunately, this game required a high end graphic card to in order to run in high setting mode.

This game is really fucking awesome. Nice graphic, nice audio, but the story too short =(

Assassin Creed. Another nice graphic game. In the game, you are an assassin that takes order from your master to assassinate few of the targets in different places.

After I played a few round, I felt boring cuz the game required you to do the same things which are collect the information, save civilians, find the targets, eliminate the targets. Zzzz

Kane & Lynch - The game was fantastic but the ending quite sucky.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Need me to say more? One of the best selling game in 2008. In my opinion, it is the best graphic FPS game that I've ever seen and played so far.

Amazingly, although I set the game to highest setting, it didn't lag at all. The people, weather, background, gun, vehicle, tank, whatever...all look like damn real!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow six: Vegas 2 - another famous FPS game. Nice graphic and audio, can fight with COD4.

Sorry dude, I'm late T.T

I'm at Vegas! Weeeee

Well, the gameplay overall is not bad, again, the ending is lame and short.

Unbelievable? Yes, Counter-Strike 1.6 LOL. Old school time haha..Don't misunderstand, it's not playing with AI. Used to play online with pros from some of the Malaysia servers.

GO GO GO! More games review in Sept ^^

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