Thursday, 2 October 2008

Dinner @ Canton-I @ 21/09/2008

2 weeks ago, Joleen and I have hunted for food at 1 Utama. As the dinner time has come, we quickly made up our mind and gave a try of this Restoran I-Canton. When we looked at the menu, the 1st thing came to my mind was.."hem..almost same like Dragon-I"..never mind, just gave a try.

Soup wantan mee. Just normal wantan mee, vege + 4 wantans..

Dry wantan mee + pork do u feel? Yummy?

Side order - fried dumpling..good!

Ahh..why I like fried dumpling so much??

Wantan..full of meat..

Pork belly, looks like something else? What do you think??

One of the problem of this restaurant is the seating. The space is limited and narrow.

The small kitchen in front of the restaurant.

Canton-I. Another competitor of Dragon-I?

Conclusion, environment and the food satisfied me. But the food a bit pricey for me, that's why I just ordered some normal food. Other than that, give a try when you feel bored of eating western food.

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