Thursday, 23 October 2008

Dinner @ Look Out Point @ 18/10/2008

Last week, Joleen and I went up to Look Out Point, Hulu Langat. We reached there around 7pm and guess what, we were lucky and able to get the side table. I remembered that the 1st time I came I ordered a fried rice or fried mee due to my health condition, not so sure. But this time, I don't care, must order my favorite lamb chop :P

There you go, my favorite lamb chop. Seriously, it didn't taste as bad as other bloggers said. I'm wondering why so many people said the food from these 3 restaurants are very bad, no idea....

Joleen and her chicken chop ^^

Last time, I can't even get a single nice photo cuz of my noob skill. But this time, I promised myself at least get a single clear photo, if not I won't leave lol. FYI, I'm only a Digicam user, not DSLR pro. This photo was taken without any tripod, and yes, I didn't have any tripod neither lol.

F-Number: F/2.8, Shutter: 8 secs, ISO: 100

The best shot of the day. Don't ask me how to take it without tripod, my secret ok?

F-Number: F/4.4, Shutter: 8 secs, ISO: 100

The 2 corns, yeah I know it's kinda noisy, but just a cheap camera ok?

F-Number: F5, Shutter: 8 secs, ISO: 100

Maximum zoom lol

F-Number: F5, Shutter: 8 secs, ISO: 100

After finished the food, we moved to another place and took photo. We did climb up the tower and tried to get better view, but due to the tower is made of wood and cause shaky, we can't even get a single nice shot. At least, this 1 still acceptable at another corner.

F-Number: F2.8, Shutter: 1/4 secs, ISO: 800

Joleen and me. I know it sux, but when can I get a DSLR? T.T

F-Number: F2.8, Shutter: 1/4 secs, ISO: 1250


ji mui said...

hello.. last wk i passby there too... reached ard 9pm++.. due to alot of cars, v expected tat there shud be alot of ppl.. we decided to change place... if not, ermm... can v meet each other??? :P ...

MingKAI said...

wah what a coincidence haha..actually joleen's sister and her bf also there but we didn't see them..i think everyday also many ppl zz :P