Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sg Lembing Trip @ 19/09/2009 - 21/09/2009 - Day 3

Last day of the trip, time really flied when you are on trip. Objective of the day - enjoy sunrise on the Bukit Panorama. If my memory served me right, we woke up around 3:30 am. Seriously, I never woke up so early just to visit some places, that was my 1st time. Since the hill is not far away from house, we began our journey at 4am++. When we reached the bottom of the hill, we saw bunch of people already walking up the hill. Compared with Rainbow Waterfall, this hill is much easier to walk.

There were no lighting along the path, you have to bring your own torchlight because you can't even see you own fingers when you reach the top of the hill. Reminder: There is no lighting, no toilet, no restaurant or whatsoever on the hill, so make sure you prepare well before you go. After the 45 mins walk, I felt like giving up cuz I was carrying the backpack with tripod, it's kinda heavy and tired. But then I heard 1 of the dude screamed "Dude, we almost there!". That time I felt like "omfg, are you fucking serious?

Yes, we finally did it! We reached there 5am++ the place already damn crowded, some dudes even camped here lol

I was lucky enough to fight a nice spot to setup the tripod. Damn right, that time was still dark but many camwhores already setup their tripod.

Finally, the day was getting bright, but where was the sun? Damn it! That day was too cloudy, the stupid cloud blocked the sun, sien!

After a few shots, we saw many people were disappointed of the stupid clouds and started going down the hill. While I discussing the photos with the gang, I heard people were clapping. So I turned my head up and looked at the sun, weeeee...sunshine!

YES! The egg yolk is coming out! When you saw that beautiful scene, you will feel like everything is worth it =)

The dark version.

Bright version of group photo ^^ hole? Or blue hole? lol

The cloud lied beneath me lol..

Who's there??

Is this what you call Jesus Light in photography?

Our Art Director was coaching the team how to pose..

And the result = ="

A lonely tree and a blue hole lol

Photo by Gah Hao

Weird posing haha.

Photo by Gah Hao

MingKAI @ Action #1

Photo by Gah Hao

MingKAI @ Action #2

Photo by Gah Hao

Em...what was I shooting?

After a few shots, I turned my head back and wondering what they were doing. I saw a bunch of zombies excausted like hiking a 2000m mountain haha.

I ignored them and continued my shots, and I found a young potential photographer :D

Another pro photographer. I love this photo very much, should get a faster lens to blur the background ^^

Last shot before going down the hill.

A shot during the "walk-down"...

No joke, I felt like exhausted like a zombie too. We then had our breakfast, shower, and rest.

Then, we decided to go to Teluk Cempedak Beach again. While waiting the ladies packing their thing, I walked out the house and snapped some photos randomly.

Yeah, finally they have done packing wee...

Stanley was busy talking to someone..

Looks like a painting haha. Here we are again ,Teluk Cempedak Beach.

Em..last group photo of the trip?

A fly in front of the McD lol

A kid running barefoot under the hot sun, I wondered how come she didn't feel hot of the sand = ="

A lonely bear T.T

Panorama shot of the day =)

After had lunch @ McD, it's time to go back to KL T.T.

P/S: I was lucky to knew these crazy fellas through the trip, seriously, it was a wonderful and memorable trip. Thanks Wei Ling for the tour guide and accommodation. Thanks everyone to let me shoot 9 9, hope we have another trip soon =)

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