Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sg Lembing Trip @ 19/09/2009 - 21/09/2009 - Day 1

One day, Joleen asked me whether I want to join her and her colleagues to go to Sg Lembing during Hari Raya holiday. After I took awhile for consideration, I asked myself why not? Since the accommodation is free (tx to Wei Ling), can go shoot some wonderful scenery, can know a crazy gang, I said "yes" to Joleen lol. After stuck in the jam for few hours in Karak Highway (tx to Hari Raya), we finally made ourselves to Kuantan for lunch. The tour guide for this whole trip is Wei Ling because Kuantan is her hometown, nobody knows this place well better than her.

After the lunch, our very 1st destination was Cherating Beach. In fact, this is my 1st time to Cherating Beach too haha. You are right, that time was 3-4pm afternoon, I guess only our stupid gang enjoyed the hot wind under the sun haha.

The 1st HDR of the day =)

As we walked toward the beach, I witnessed something funny/unusual in front of my eyes. There are many dead/half-dead jellyfishes lying on the beach. Some were cool, some were disgusting.

No doubt, that day was hot. Only some fools(us) will go to the beach on that time lol. Surprisingly, the beach was quiet as graveyard haha..

Ladies lined up pls...

Stanley - our art designer aka director was showing his talent..

And the outcome...weee....

Tripod was left in the car, haha..never mind :D

Crazy fellas on the rocks :D

Wait a min, Ang Mos detected :D

After that, we decided to visit Ninja Turtles. Tx to Hari Raya, it's closed T.T

We then drove to another famous beach in Kuantan - Teluk Cempedak Beach. Compared with Cherating Beach, this was much crowded. 1st batch, guys's jump :D

Next turn, ladies's jump lol

The sun was about to set, time to find our way to dinner =)

Before leaving, snapped another HDR ^^

Since Wei Ling is a vegetarian, we all went for vegetarian food, not too bad though!


Vege Bak Kut Teh lai!

After the dinner, Wei Ling suggested to try our luck to visit fireflies. Too bad it was closed due to Hari Raya, we had no choice, the only choice is just to take a photograph before going back to Wei Ling's house for shower. When everyone finished shower, it's time to move to another house. But this house is different, it's been abandoned for months. Before we moved in, we need to "shower" the house. Too bad the weather of that night was very bad, cuz it rained non-stop and non-stop. Sigh, time to sleep, cuz we only left few hours to rest. Hopefully the rainbow tomorrow won't play hide and seek with us, mana tau....

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s0ts@Lt said...

Hi, May I know where is the vegetarian restaurant u had when Cherating trip? I'm a vegetarian as well... and planning to go there for a trip. I'm so happy when read your blog regarding the vege foods there. Can I have more details abt tis? thank you very much~ ^^