Thursday, 24 September 2009

Noob Shotz @ Sunway Pyramid @ 12/09/2009

Few weeks ago, 1 of my DoTA kaki "mcguyver99" aka McD aka Takeshi99 - The Boss of Canon Buggers group from Facebook invited me to join Mika Hakkinen (Johnnie Walker - Join The Supercar Demo) event @ Sunway Pyramid. Without 2nd thought, I joined him the shooting event.

The event supposed to start at 2:30pm. But I reached there early, saw some performers were performing on the stage. Not really sure what you call that, belly dance or whatsoever, but I took a few shots.

I'm not sure the left performer is a female or shemale, what I'm sure is her dancing sux!

That was a real snake, no joke!

Reaching 2:30pm, time to hunt for nice spot. Once I found my spot, I saw this dude was carrying at least 3 DSLRs. Salute!

Moment later, Mcguyver99 is arrived, after we greeted each other, Mika arrived too :D

Aiya..signature on the board, what so special about it?

Reshmonu was there too..

After the interview session, Mika suited up for the demo drive. Here he comes, with few lucky passengers.

My 1st time noob panning shot. Need to practice more.

Watching F1 racing on the track is normal, but in front of shopping mall is really 1st time = ="

After the spinning U-turn, here he comes again.

Trying panning shot on F1 is really challenging, expecially with kit lens lol. Failed!

Chermaine Poo - One of the popular actress/emcee/host in Malaysia.

Another crazy photographer, look at the stickers on his lens lol.

After a few rides from Mika, he then left his car and continued autograph session.

Wait a min, is that Mika? Not really, in fact, the demonstration was over. That was just a part-time driver lol.

The mountable F1 car steering.

We're not really interested in autograph session. We preferred watching the car being towed by the tow truck haha..

Look at the front light, damn yeng~!

And the giant rims and tyres..

Mika Hakkinen, I don't know him until that day lol. Not really a big fans of F1.

What do you call this? Shark fin?

After the event, Joleen and I had a window shopping @ Sunway Pyramid. For dinner, we settled @ Zen. The taste of this cake really sucks, I mean, sucks!

Perhaps she likes it?

Hem...waiting for the main course..hungry to death..

Joleen's spagetthi. I believe my sister cooks better lol.

Bacon Carbonara. Not bad, juicy and tasty =)

It was my 1st meet up with Mcguyver99 lol. He is a real funny guy, I met his gang - Neo and other friends too. Wish to have another shooting with you guys soon =)

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