Thursday, 10 September 2009

Noob Shotz @ KLCC park @ 06/09/2009

KLCC, I've been there many times,but not KLCC park haha. Last Sunday's evening, Joleen and I decided to go there to camwhore lol. Anyway, this is really my 1st time to explore the park, children park, playground, and so..

I fall in love to HDR haha..but still learning how to make it looks better =)

HDR #2 lol...colour damn fake..

No smoking pls!

Saw that kid in the pool, damn cute haha..too bad I don't have 55-250mm lens T.T

Another mui mui, sometimes really thought can go back to past, nothing to worry about =(

Don't cry babe T.T

Surprisingly, the park is quite big. What will you do when you feel tire? Swing swing swing =)

Joleen felt paiseh to pose in front of people haha. I told her to look around, there were other DSLRers camwhoring too, who cares?

Thay day was quite cloudy, and windy. Thought of going to rain, but in the end it didn't ^^

Day is getting dark, time to setup tripod lol

Joleen & MingKAI


My friend said it would look nicer if we wearing wedding costumes lol. If not mistaken, this is one of the posing of photography shot, ain't it?

Kuala Lumpur @ night

After some shots from the bridge, we moved down and continue our silly shots.

LC pose..

Another LC pose haha..

Last shot of the day ^^

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