Thursday, 10 September 2009

Noob Shotz @ Thien Hou Temple @ 05/09/2009

There is another place that I haven't been there for ages since I was a kid - Thien Hou Temple. Honestly, I can't really remember how the temple looks like. Therefore, Joleen and I decided to visit this temple in a evening.

Eh...God of Love(月老) ?

Reached there around 6pm++..not so croweded..perhaps, it only crowded during CNY?

Joleen and her rat.

MingKAI & his pig = ="

Joleen and the twin towers. Time to photograph lol..

Added sepia effect. I felt not sepia enough, what do you think?

Joleen & the blue sky.

Joleen & the KL Tower.

Random shot..

Joleen in B&W.

Sunset @ Thien Hou Temple.

After the shooting in upstairs, we came down and visit the temple for awhile.

A woman was praying to the God..

What do you call this? Candle?

Stupid kit lens can't capture the whole temple zz..

Dusk? Twilight?

I personally love this photo the most of the day. Face is in focus, background is separated but still can see the lighting of the buildings, not to mention the beautiful sky =)

I personally quite dulan this coconut tree, spoil the whole scenery haha..

MingKAI & Joleen.

The senget version of Thien Hou Temple panorama view LOL. Shot and stitch wrongly, will try better next time. As you can see, there is nobody in the photo, you can imagine how empty is the temple. Only left a silly couple setting tripod and fooling around lol.

Last shot of the day =)

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