Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Noob Shotz @ Lembah Kiara Recreational Park (TTDI) @ 31/08/2009

I knew this place from some of the bloggers. Not sure whether the place is popular, but I wanted to photograph the so called "waterfall" in this park. Therefore on Negaraku Day, Joleen and I went to this park and tried to hunt this "waterfall" early of the morning. When we reached the park and saw that "waterfall", I stunned and asked myself "is this the "waterfall" that I saw from the blogs? WTF so dry and no water? Don't tell me because it's morning and the water is not ready yet! Though the park was crowded by joggers, families, but we were quite disappointed and just simply walked for 30 mins.

Evening, we decided to hunt another park in Kepong - Tasik Metropolitan Kepong a.k.a Taman Layang-layang. Thanks to Goggle map, it gave me the wrong direction Zzz. I asked some people around that area but different people gave me different directions lol. In the end, I can't find it and already reached to LDP exit. Since we were quite near 1 Utama, Joleen asked me again "Oi KAI, wanna try the TTDI park again? Maybe evening got water liao le?" I replied "Erm...just try lo, no harm though.

Luckily evening is not as many people as morning, but the park is still crowded. This is my HDR attempt, should increase saturation a bit more.

Joleen in black & white...

As we walked toward the "waterfall", Joleen screamed at me "KAI! Can you hear that? Is water!" We then quickly ran toward the "waterfall". Yes! Water is up! Weeeee....

Joleen & the "waterfall" #1

Joleen & the "waterfall" #2

MingKAI & Joleen

Another HDR, 3 different exposures..

Too bad the boy on the left walked in while I camping for 5 secs, he's not the *ahem* thing that you are thinking ok?

Another shot of "longkang" look-alike river...

Last shot of HDR of the day. Lack of saturation and contrast, the leaves were moving, therefore the result is quite bad.

I realized that when you're concentrating changing the setting of the camera, setting up the tripod and so, time really flied. Since the sky was getting darker and mosquitoes bit me leg like no tomorrow, we simply shot the last 2 photos before we ciao.

I hate mosquitoes T.T

Never know the top floor of a condo is a nice place to take night scenery haha..

Which school is that?? lol

Last shot of the day!

P/S: I still have more than 10 mosquitoes mark on my leg! DULAN!

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